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    1. Book Excerpt - The Making of Exile: Sindhi Hindus and the Partition of India

      In this painstakingly researched book, the author tells the story of how this community lost a homeland and made another place its own.

      ...Narayandas Malkani was then a 57-year-old Congress worker, who had worked closely with Gandhi in Delhi’s Bhangi Colony. He had narrowly escaped being attacked during the Karachi pogrom. After this, he and Govardhan Vazirani, secretary of the Congress, were deputed to fly to Delhi to convince ...

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    2. Indian senior community part of growing niche

      Some residents choose ShantiNiketan for the comfort of being with people familiar with their foods, languages and religious tradition. Others seek a Hindu-oriented spiritual life rare in a traditional U.S. retirement community. The first phase of 54 one-story condos, with Spanish tiled roofs and stucco walls, is almost sold out, and a second phase of almost 120 units is under construction. An assisted living facility also will be built ...

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    3. Hindu mother wins leave to force IGP to retrieve child from Muslim ex-spouse

      KUALA LUMPUR, July 25 — The Ipoh High Court said today it will hear M.Indira Gandhi’s bid to compel the Inspector-General of the Police (IGP) to arrest her Muslim convert ex-husband who had ran off with her youngest daughter and return the child, her lawyer said today. - See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/hindu-mother-wins-leave-to-force-igp-to-retrieve-child-from-muslim-ex-spous#sthash.xLT0dmmI.dpuf

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    4. Pakistani author documents Hindu temples in her country

      The book highlights unreported aspects of harmony, and will act as a window for the people of India, feels Abbasi who will launch the book at India International Centre. As a researcher and author, Abbasi, along with the photographer Madiha Aijaz, took almost a year to traverse each province and their many crevices to explore antiquated sacred sites.

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    5. How the NYT Masks Hinduphobia with Science

      The New York Times recently featured a story in which NYT South Asia correspondent, Gardiner Harris conflates India's serious problem of open defecation with Hinduism. Hindu American Foundation co-founder and member of its Board of Directors, Aseem R. Shukla, MD, offers the following response and analysis as a guest on this blog. Dr. Shukla is a pediatric urologist in Philadelphia and works extensively in India teaching at several of ...

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    6. Nose Deep in Their Own... Prejudice: Hinduism and The New York Times' Sewage Problem

      What might have been an excellent piece of reporting on an important public-health concern in India has turned out instead to be one of the most absurd, far-fetched, and ugly pieces of Hinduphobic racism in journalism ever.

      After being told for several years now that Hinduism is to blame for everything in India from the gang rape of women to the mere questioning of Wendy Doniger's strange claims, The ...

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    7. Hindu temples documented in a Pakistani book

      Pakistani author Reema Abbasi will launch here July 23 her new book "Historic Temples in Pakistan - A Call to Conscience" documenting Hindu shrines, and pilgrimage sites in Pakistan through 400 photographs. 

      The book highlights unreported aspects of harmony, and will act as a window for the people of India, feels Abbasi who will launch the book at India International Centre. 

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    8. Preserving Human Rights Through Article 26 of the UN Declaration

      Preserving Human Rights Through Article 26 of the UN Declaration

      According to the Hindu American Foundation (HAF)’s 10th  annual  human rights report, Hindus in South Asia & the Diaspora: A Survey of Human Rights, 2013, Pakistan is one of those countries that has failed to uphold Article 26 and is instead known as an egregious violator for engaging in or allowing rampant and systematic human rights violations to take place against non-Muslim populations. In Pakistan, women lack formal education for ...

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    9. Hindus just as displaced but not treated as other families, say reps

      PESHAWAR: Twenty-two Hindu families, have been displaced as a result of the Zarb-e-Azb operation, and they have taken shelter at Balmik Temple in Bannu city. Apart from food rations, the families say they have not been provided aid in any other form, their representatives told The Express Tribune on Wednesday.

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    10. Hinduism is Arizona's second-largest religion

      Hinduism is the second-largest practiced religion in Arizona, according to the U.S. Religious Congregations & Membership Study from 2010. The study only took a count of people who are members of a church or organized body within a faith, so there are some people who might consider themselves to be of a certain religion who were not counted if they do not attend services regularly. That means 64 percent of ...

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    1. Obituaries: The Newest Route to Convert the Living

      Professor Anantanand Rambachan’s recent column in the Huffington Post reveals a stunning practice that I had never heard of before: strangers sending condolence letters upon the death of a loved one to try and convert grieving family members to Christianity. It is wholly inappropriate, as Prof. Rambachan writes, to try and exploit “an occasion for emotional vulnerability.”

      We at HAF consider the above to be an instance of “predatory ...

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    The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) is an advocacy group providing a progressive voice for over two million Hindu Americans. The Foundation interacts with and educates leaders in public policy, academia, media and the public at large about Hinduism and global issues concerning Hindus, such as religious liberty, the portrayal of Hinduism, hate speech, hate crimes and human rights. By promoting the Hindu and American ideals of understanding, tolerance and pluralism, HAF stands firmly against hate, discrimination, defamation and terror.

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    1. You can put him in a frame and on the wall. That is fine.
      By Rajan Zed
    2. The J& K bank gives crores of rupees of loans to people from other states and hushes up the matter while denying small loans to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
      By Yasin Malik
    3. With a number of primary elections coming up on June 3 in different states, we felt it would be a good idea to collate all of those endorsements together for voters heading to the polls.
      By Rishi Bhutada
    4. For 100 years, the his­­tory of East Indians has been written by the chil­dren of converts.
      By Satnarayan Maharaj
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