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    1. Hindus are seekers, not believers… Ghar Wapsi not in our ethos, says spiritualist Jaggi Vasudev

      Hindus are seekers, not believers… Ghar Wapsi not in our ethos, says spiritualist Jaggi Vasudev

      Attempts at reconversion or asking Hindus to have more children are at odds with Hinduism's traditions, says noted spiritualist Jaggi Vasudev. Over the course of an exhaustive interview with ET, he also said fringe elements are getting disproportionate attention and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's message on development has been consistent. 

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    2. Pilgrims killed in stampede at Hindu festival in Bangladesh

      Pilgrims killed in stampede at Hindu festival in Bangladesh

      Dhaka: At least 10 Hindu pilgrims have been killed in a stampede outside the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka.

      The stampede occurred on the banks of the Brahmaputra river, where hundreds of thousands of people had converged on Friday for ritual bathing during an annual Hindu festival.

      Police inspector Nasir Ahmed said seven women and three men were confirmed dead.

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    3. Pakistan to recruit 2,000 Christian, Hindu policemen

      Pakistan to recruit 2,000 Christian, Hindu policemen

      The 2,000 strong new recruits will perform security duties at churches, temples, and places of worship of other religious minorities in Sindh province

      A provincial government in southern Pakistan has announced it will hire around 2,000 people from the minority Hindu and Christian communities in its police force to protect their temples and churches.

      According to Sindh province’s State Minister for Minorities Gayan Chund Israni, the decision ...

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    4. Hate Crimes Against Sikh, Hindus On FBI Tracking List

      Hate Crimes Against Sikh, Hindus On FBI Tracking List

      Harsh Voruganti, of the Hindu American Foundation, said, "We believe the manual can be a powerful tool for law enforcement officials to fight anti-Hindu hate crimes."

      "We look forward to continue to working with the FBI and our coalition partners to further improve the manual and other community resources," he said.

      "We are hopeful that this manual, along with other HAF-led trainings for law enforcement officials and community leaders, will ...

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    5. Parliamentary watchdog asks police to explain their inaction during Avijit murder

      Parliamentary watchdog asks police to explain their inaction during Avijit murder

      The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Ministry of Home Affairs during a meeting on Sunday asked police to report to it at the next meeting.

      Committee chief Tipu Munshi told reporters, “Many quarters have questioned police’s role after Avijit Roy’s murder. It is said that ...

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    6. Quaid’s Aug 11 speech to be included in school curriculum

      Quaid’s Aug 11 speech to be included in school curriculum

      KARACHI: The Sindh government on Monday decided to include Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s speech of Aug 11, 1947 in the curriculum of classes eight to 10.

      The speech — “You are free, you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or any other place of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or cast or creed — that ...

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    7. BJP MLA in Jammu and Kashmir: I swear in the name of Mata Vaishno Devi

      BJP MLA in Jammu and Kashmir: I swear in the name of Mata Vaishno Devi

      As the 12th Legislative Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir came into form on Tuesday, BJP MLA Ravinder Raina triggered a controversy when he took the oath in the name of Mata Vaishno Devi, drawing objections from the opposition.

      Raina, who is an MLA from Noushera Assembly segment and head of the state BJP youth wing, came up to the Speaker's chair and said, "I do swear in the name ...

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    8. Why International Yoga Day is So Important

      Suhag Shukla, the Hindu American Foundation’s executive director, said: “In addition to gaining appreciation for one of India’s greatest contributions to the civilization, our hope is that this will introduce people around the world to its transformational power, its insistence on spiritual experience over dogma, its ability to make one realise the divine nature of man, and its power for bringing about both inner and outer peace.”

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    9. Hindu Hullabaloo: Idaho Lawmaker Objects To Non-Christian Prayer Before Legislative Session

      Government-sponsored prayer is all or nothing. That means legislative bodies that want to begin meetings with an invocation must either be inclusive of all viewpoints, or prohibit official prayers completely. But don’t tell that to one Idaho senator who seems to have a real problem with the prospect of a Hindu prayer before a senate session.

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    10. $10M expansion of Indy Hindu temple to open in June

      $10M expansion of Indy Hindu temple to open in June

      For nearly 10 years, much of Indianapolis' growing Hindu population has worshipped in a temporary space — a functional yet spartan building, so unlike the intricately ornate temples in India.

      But in June, the Hindu Temple of Central Indiana will unveil a long-awaited, $10 million expansion. It will add a worship hall that includes 17 shrines, with a skylight surrounded by four new carved towers that transform the sand-colored building into ...

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    1. Obituaries: The Newest Route to Convert the Living

      Professor Anantanand Rambachan’s recent column in the Huffington Post reveals a stunning practice that I had never heard of before: strangers sending condolence letters upon the death of a loved one to try and convert grieving family members to Christianity. It is wholly inappropriate, as Prof. Rambachan writes, to try and exploit “an occasion for emotional vulnerability.”

      We at HAF consider the above to be an instance of “predatory ...

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    1. We walked on the same street in Dhaka where Roy was killed. This has hit closer to home than ever before.
      By Jay Kansara
    2. The purpose of Hindu Environment Week is to increase the global Hindu community's engagement with critical environmental issues. The aim is to have Hindus volunteer at events where they can discuss climate change, hike in a national park, or clean up their local temple grounds.
      By SriVani Ganti
    3. Hindu scriptures focus a great deal on Mother Nature, or Matru Bhumi and how we should honor her for all the resources she provides us, so environmental activism is a natural fit.
      By SriVani Ganti
    4. No matter the participant's station in life, Hindu Environment Week encourages them to put into practice the ancient Hindu teachings about respecting and protecting nature with simple lifestyle choices including Meatless Mondays, walking or biking to class instead of taking public transport, or cleaning local parks.
      By SriVani Ganti
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