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    1. Increasing conversions to Islam –seeking spiritual peace or more than that?

      Clerics, new converts, non-Muslim community leaders and rights activists say that mostly people belonging to the poor class and scheduled castes, especially Dalit Hindus, were converting to Islam.

      Aslam Ali, 36, a resident of Tharparkar who has converted to Islam from Hinduism, said the Dalit community was facing discrimination both at the hands of Muslim and upper-caste Hindus, who stayed away from its members.

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    2. South Asia Scholars, The Hindu Debate And The Death Of Nuance In California

      Hindu groups, including the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), have worked for over two years with the California Department of Education’s - Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) to revise the Social Science and History Framework for middle school textbooks in a manner that treats Hinduism on a par with other ancient religions and civilizations.

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    3. Simhastha-Kumbh Mela: Hindus' Largest Religious Gathering Concludes

      Hindus largest congregation on the Earth 'Ujjain Simhastha 2016,' (Kumbha Mela) organized in every 12 years, finally concludes with millions of devotees taking holy dip in the sacred river of Kshipra in ancient and religious city of Ujjain.

      In month-long festival, hundreds of thousand believers and spectators coverage from several parts of the world not to just take holy dip (Snan) at the ghats ofKshipra river, but to witness ...

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    4. California aims to reflect diversity in classroom studies

      ... the Hindu American Foundation, which opposes recommendations by the South Asia Faculty group to replace the word "India" with "South Asia" in some places to describe the region that now includes Pakistan and Nepal.

      Citing its own scholars, the foundation also argues that tying status to a person's birth in the caste system, and describing women in ancient society as unequal to men is potentially embarrassing to Hindu students ...

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    5. Activist Academics Unleash Hinduphobia in California

      The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) has spent nearly a decade interacting with school boards, textbook publishers, and directly with teachers and students to ensure that Hinduism, and the Indian civilization it helped shape, is accurate. What is more, HAF insists that the curriculum be culturally competent and equitable in comparison to the presentation of other religious traditions. This insistence is not about sensitivities, but about complying with California law, which ...

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    6. War over words surfaces in California's classrooms over India's history

      As one of a handful of Hindu-Americans in her high school in Cupertino in the mid-to-late 1980s, Suhag Shukla still can't shake the memory of just how awkward a lesson in her ninth-grade class on India turned was for her.

      "My world history teacher asked me in front of the entire class, 'What's your caste? Is your marriage arranged? And are your parents saving for your dowry?' " the ...

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      Myanmar’s vibrant Hindu community relishes its freedom of faith, but economic and political exclusion leads some to return to their ancestral grounds.

      Signs of a vibrant Hindu community are everywhere in downtown Yangon; ornate temples peer out from between the tenements, and periodic festivals enliven the streets with rhythmic music, colourful costumes and offerings of sweet masala chai. With their roots in several waves of Indian migration during the ...

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    8. Exclusive: Tim Cook starts day with visit to Mumbai’s Siddhivinayak Temple

      Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked off his much anticipated tour of India with a pre-dawn visit to the Shree Siddhivinayak Temple at Prabhadevi in Mumbai. His cultural experience at the temple comes before a morning of business meetings in the country’s commercial capital.

      At the temple, Cook, who was accompanies by Apple India head Sanjay Kaul, also had a chance to chat with Anant Ambani, the son of Reliance ...

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    9. Hindu temple torched in Pirojpur

      [Bangladesh] Miscreants torched a Hindu temple at Laxmipura in Bhandaria upazila on Saturday night. Locals said the family temple of Roy Bari was set on fire around 8:15 pm. The blaze burned down clothes and parts of Hindu goddesses Shyama. However, the house inmates doused the flame in a few minutes. On information, police rushed in and informed the matter to Environment and Forests Minister Anwar Hossain Manju, said ...

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    10. Elderly Buddhist monk hacked to death in Bangladesh: police

      The murder adds to a grim toll in past weeks, with an atheist student, two gay rights activists, a liberal professor, a Hindu tailor and a Sufi Muslim leader hacked to death.

      An elderly Buddhist monk was found hacked to death on Saturday in Bangladesh, police said, the latest in a spate of murders of religious minorities and secular activists in the country.


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    11. Bangladesh safer than Syria for jihadis … India’s Muslims equal, B’desh Hindus oppressed … Indian liberals back Islamic fanatics: Taslima Nasreen

      Since 2013, more than 20 people – including secular writers, bloggers, professors, members of religious minorities and foreigners – have been killed in targeted attacks in Bangladesh. Why are secular individuals being targeted in Bangladesh? Who is killing them?

      Jihadists have been silencing or threatening voices of sanity because democracy and pluralism are anathema to them. All they want is to establish a theocracy. They want to create Darul Islam, the land ...

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    12. Hindus Plead to CA Education Dept: #DontEraseIndia

      After a nationwide protest from Hindus in America, the California Education Department has decided to put a stop to reviews of its history textbooks where there were suggested changes like replacing ‘India’ with ‘South Asia’ in state text books among many other changes. This was after a public hearing on the matter, where several parents and students gave testimonies.

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    13. JuD will not allow destruction of Hindu temples in Pak: Hafiz Saeed

      Chief of Pakistan’s banned JuD, Hafiz Saeed, has said his organisation will not allow destruction of Hindu temples and other holy places of non- Muslims in the country.

      It was Muslims’ responsibility to safeguard holy places of their Hindus brethren, he said while addressing a meeting in Matli town of Sindh province yesterday.

      “We will not allow destruction of temples and other holy places of non-Muslims in the country ...

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    14. Bangladesh jails 2 Hindu teachers for insulting Islam

      DHAKA, Bangladesh — A court has jailed two teachers in southern Bangladesh for making derogatory comments about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, invoking a rare law from the British colonial era that makes insulting any religion a crime.

      The case began when students at Hijla High School in Bagerhat district complained that the assistant teacher of a science class Sunday dismissed the Quran as the word of Allah and said there ...

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    15. Hindus fall prey to post-polls violence

      [Bangladesh] Hindu people living in Khidirpara union parishad under Louhojong upazila in Munshiganj have been passing days with anxiety since Saturday’s union parishad election as supporters of an Awami League supported chairman candidate vandalised over 15 houses and threatening them with dire consequences.

      Many people of the community have already left their dwelling houses and are living at their relatives’ houses located at neighbouring places.

      Local sources said Khidirpara ...

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    16. Anger over kidnappings, forced conversions of Hindu girls in Pakistan

      Earlier this month, on April 9, 2016, three teenage girls of Hindu community in Sindh province went missing from their villages.

      Threatened by kidnappings and forced conversions of their teenage girls and abandoned by the government of Pakistan, the Hindu minority living in Sindh province is waiting for a divine miracle to rescue them.

      Earlier this month, on April 9, 2016, three teenage girls of Hindu community in Sindh province ...

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    17. Hindus Need Long Term Political Strategy And Dharmic Awakening

      Lack of political strategy and vision results in the failure of Hindu unity and infighting. It has made them politically weak in spite of being in the majority.

      It is necessary to develop a dharmic awakening in the overall society.

      Hindu unity and a strong national dharma is the need of the times, allied with a long-term vision, and a realistic estimation of current difficulties.

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