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    1. Arkansas Public School's Promotion Of Religion Violates Constitution, Says Americans United

      A public school in Arkansas violated the U.S. Constitution by arranging construction of a special meeting room for a Christian student group, according to Americans United for Separation of Church and State. School officials at Fountain Lake High School in Hot Springs, Ark., refer to the room,...
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    2. School Board Sued Over Religious Harassment of School Library Employee

      Last week, a former media aid assistant at Blacksburg (VA) Middle School filed a suit under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act charging religious harassment and discrimination in the workplace. The complaint (full text) in Scott v. Montgomery County School Board, (WD VA, filed 12/30/2008), alleged that Judith Scott's supervisor insisted on praying for her; tried to get her to attend a Christian conference along ...
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    3. Suit By Former IRS Agent Says Bar On Kirpan Was Religious Discrimination

      Yesterday a lawsuit was filed in a Texas federal district court by a former Sikh employee of the Internal Revenue Service. The lawsuit is described in a press release distributed by e-mail by the Becket Fund:Kawaljeet Tagore, a Sikh American, ... claims that the IRS discriminated against her by prohibiting her from wearing a kirpan, a mandatory article of faith, on her job as a revenue agent at the Mickey ...
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    4. School Board Says Clergy Cannot Minister To Students At Lunch

      In Fort Scott, Kansas, local clergy are complaining to USD 234 School Board about its recently adopted policy that prevents clergy from visiting elementary school lunchrooms to eat lunch with children from their churches. Yesterday's Fort Scott Tribune reports that school board president Matt Ida informed Community Christian Church Children's Pastor Paul Martin that allowing a pastor to minister to children while they are at school violates U ...
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    5. Hindus laud Church of Norway for building bridges with other religions

      Hindus have admired the efforts of Church of Norway for building bridges with other religions and have urged other world religions and denominations to initiate interfaith dialogue. Acclaimed Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that serious and honest interfaith dialogue was the need of the hour. Religion was...
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    6. Minority Christian Women gang-raped on 6th Jan,09 at Gopalganj

      Ms. Dipali Hazra (45) wife of Baptist Priest violated at Gopalganj on 6th January, 2009 (News published in the daily “The Independent” and “Samakal” dated 6th January, 2009)   Some unidentified gunmen on Monday night raped the wife of Mr. Shankar Hazara -a Baptist priest during a robbery at a Baptist Christian Mission situated at Noyakandi Chakshin under [...]
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    7. In Nepal, Clergy Challenge Government's Power To Appoint Hindu Priests

      Last May, Nepal abolished its monarchy and moved to a parliamentary form of government. The Hindu reported yesterday on a new religious clash created by the change. Historically the King appointed Nepal's top Hindu priests. The Prime Minister, as the new head of state, last week named two priests to lead the Pashupatinath Temple in Katmandu. Some 200 University students have demonstrated against the appointments. Hindu priests want appointment ...
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