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    1. Malaysia's visions of a more equal future

      Malaysia's visions of a more equal future
      From weary red-eyed Indian labourers on plantations to urban middle-class Malay Muslim women, a new generation of Malaysians is pushing to end a system of racial inequality. But can their different visions for the future be brought together?Many Malaysians are opposed to their country's system of racial preferences. Malaysia is gearing up for political shifts in 2009. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has announced he will step down ...
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    2. Hindraf's call to India to stop investing in M’sia

      CHENNAI: Opposition Pakatan Rakyat has distanced itself from a call by outlawed Hindraf leader P. Waythamoorthy for India to stop all investments in Malaysia.In a press conference, the Pakatan’s Indian MPs and state assemblymen said that they disagreed with Waythamoorthy’s view.Selangor state executive councilor Dr Xavier Jeyakumar said there were better ways and other platforms to fight for the rights of Indians in Malaysia.“We are ...
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    3. Kerala India Commission To Propose Several Religious Reforms

      In India, the Law Reforms Commission of the state of Kerala is scheduled to issue a controversial report to the government on January 24. India Today and IANS this week preview recommendations that will impact Muslims, Catholics and Hindus. The Commission, headed by former Supreme Court Judge V.R. Krishna Iyer, will recommend a ban on the Muslim practice polygamy, except in extraordinary circumstances and only with permission of the ...
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    4. Settlement Bars Louisiana From Making Unrestricted Grants To Churches

      AP reported yesterday that the state of Louisiana has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought against it by the ACLU challenging appropriations in the 2007 state budget bill for two churches, with no restrictions on the churches' use of the funds. (Similar appropriations to six other churches had also been approved.) In August 2007, a federal district court issued a preliminary injunction barring the state from disbursing the appropriated funds ...
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    5. New Bangladesh Prime Minister Wants Return To Secularism

      Bangladesh's new Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, says that she will move to restore the country's first constitution, framed in 1972, in order to return the country to the principle of secularism. LiveMint.com reported yesterday that since a 1975 coup, Bangladesh has experienced a rise in religious militancy as religion-based parties entered politics. IANS yesterday quotes Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shafique Ahmed who also says that ...
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