1. Marching to the Wrong Beat

    Reading these articles about Indian business owners deciding to use the name Hitler for their brand (and offending anyone with a sense of history in the process), I can’t help but see it as a reverse illustration of the cultural collision Hindus have experienced in their migration to the Western world. The swastika has long been an auspicious symbol for Hindus, and it was only after the Nazis adopted a tilted version of the swastika as their symbol that it fell into such revulsion. Thus, Hindus who have come to the U.S. have had to explain to the larger community that the swastika adorning the entrance to their home or decorating their temple is not meant to offend anyone, and that it has a different meaning altogether from the Nazi swastika.

    Now we see business owners in India being either completely clueless or uncomprehending of the horror Hitler and his regime visited upon the Jewish people and other victims of the Holocaust. I have to agree with those around the world who say that those owners should change their business names, immediately. (and without compensation) And on a further note, the Indian education system just might want to do a better job of educating their students about what happened during the Holocaust.

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