1. Hindu-Muslim relations remain strong on Bali despite bombing

    BALI, Indonesia: The Bali Bombing ten years ago has left a mark on Hindu-Muslim relations on the island. Although relations between the two religious communities remain cordial, there are certain growing social trends that could divide rather than unite.

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    1. Terrorists are criminals, while Islam is a religion. Those who know Islam understand this difference. Islam is a universal religion. Based on this, our Hindu brothers understand that terrorism should not be equated to Islam.
    2. Local residents regardless of their religious beliefs and ethnic origin wants Bali to be peaceful because they mostly work in the tourism sector. Bali doesn't have any other major economic resource. The Balinese people's desire for peace has quickly made them realise what's important.
    3. In Bali, we spend 150 days each year at our temple. Also, the Balinese Hindu have to compete with Muslims over who is more ethical in their field of work. They have a lot more time to do that.
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