1. Kashmir separatist leader Faktoo to remain in jail till death: HC

    In a significant judgment, Kashmir's high court on Friday said that separatist group Muslim League's chief Ashiq Hussain Faktoo alias Dr Qasim, accused of killing a Kashmiri Pandit, "will serve life imprisonment till death".

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    1. Life imprisonment cannot be equivalent to imprisonment for 14 years or 20 years, rather it always meant as the whole natural life.
    2. Faktoo on May 31, 2012 completed 20 years in prison as per the Jail Manual and Prison's Act (of the state) amounts to life imprisonment.
    3. According to state law, life imprisonment means 14 years of jail. This judgment is significant because the new interpretation, made in case of a life-term convict, is coming for the first time. It's to be seen how the judge has dealt with the local interpretation, which is a controversial point.
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