1. Cremation banned? Hindus in Pakistan's DIK forced to bury their dead ever since country's birth

    Hindus in Dera Ismail Khan are forced to bury their dead due the unavailability of proper cremation grounds.

    Sawan Chudhry, a resident of DI Khan, who had to bury his father Jawarya Chudhry after his death in 1965, says he still regrets not being able to cremate his father's body.

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    1. In 1985, Pandith Kahdaree Lal was cremated and he is the only Hindu whose remains were incinerated in the district since the inception of Pakistan.
    2. Hindus in DI Khan have to bury their dear ones because there are no cremation grounds here. Our relatives in other parts of Pakistan can perform funeral rites according to Hindu custom and we also want to do the same.
    3. Hindus want ownership of the shamshan ghat in Madina Colony, which belonged to the community in the past. If we file a civil suit, it will take years to decide and we cannot wait for so long.
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