1. Tulsi Gabbard Sworn In

    Thursday, it became official: Tulsi Gabbard became the first Hindu member of Congress. Last summer, while her campaign gathered momentum, I asked a number of Hindu American high school students what it would mean to them if a Hindu was elected to Congress. Instead of writing my own thoughts, I’m going to quote what a few of them wrote:

    “It would be important to me because then there would be someone in American politics whom I could relate to on a spiritual level, and who could represent perhaps similar views and those who follow Hinduism.” - Shivani P., 11th grade

    “It would mean more recognition for Hindus and more awareness and understanding of what Hinduism really is.” - Namita P., 12th grade

    “If a Hindu is elected to Congress, it would mean that I would be more accurately represented in the government and that there would be somebody who understands my principles and values.” - Asha M., 12th grade

    “It would mean a louder voice in politics. It would also mean more unity among Hindus nationwide and an encouragement for other Hindus to run for office also.” - Milan P., 11th grade

    “It would mean that America is stepping forward and beginning to acknowledge us Hinuds as a minority.” - Unnati S., 12th grade

    Also, see author Stephen Prothero’s take on Tulsi’s swearing in and what Congress should take away from it.

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