1. Hindus and Muslims co-existed together, Judge tells Owaisi

    On Wednesday, Jan 9, a sitting Judge of the Andhra Pradesh High Court while hearing a plea against him thought that it would be appropriate to give Owaisi a lesson in "religious harmony". The Judge warned MIM leader that through his hate speech Owaisi has dug his own grave. Justice L Narasimha Reddy elaborated on the peaceful coexistence of Hindus and Muslims in country since time immemorial

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    1. Akbaruddin's statement has hurt feelings of a particular community of this country. And it is equivalent to challenging the country too. This country has made your father and brother Members of Parliament. After being an elected representative, how could you justify your act.
    2. Your father made two Hindus mayor of Hyderabad from party ticket. He set brilliant example of communal harmony. But this kind of speech from Salahuddin Owaisi's son is unbelievable.
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