1. World’s Biggest Holy Gathering Aims Green

    Gopal Patel, who is documenting the environmental impact of the Mela as project manager for the U.K.-based Bhumi Project , said he was encouraged by the efforts of the authorities to make the pilgrimage more environmentally conscious. “It’s all looking quite clean at the moment but there’s a desperate need for more toilets,” Mr. Patel said in a telephone interview from the Kumbh Mela site

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    1. We started with the concept that we should make this the green Kumbh Mela.
    2. Hindus have always cared for the environment but people have started to forget because of population growth and lack of resources.
    3. It's all looking quite clean at the moment but there's a desperate need for more toilets.
    4. Mobility has increased so much, people have so much disposable income to spend on travel and it's putting so much pressure on infrastructure and the sewage systems can't cope.
    5. The rising population, illegal sand mining and dams cause a lot of stress on the environment and the rivers are the biggest casualties.
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