1. Old Bridge student's holiday drawing causes stir

    The 8-year-old child of Hindu heritage drew a tree and a swastika as part of a third-grade holiday assignment at James McDivitt Elementary School in December and “was subjected to traumatic reprimand and racial bias counseling without parental approval,” according to Thomas Kaenzig of Las Vegas, a Raelian guide with the International Raelian Movement.

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    1. The swastika is an ancient symbol of good will for nearly a billion Hindus worldwide, and Middlesex County, where this incident took place, is home to a large Hindu minority.
    2. It's not the child who needs counseling but the teacher's aide who complained about the child's drawing, the counselor and the principal who approved the counseling.
    3. The great challenge of our country, as well as it's great tradition and great promise, is that we welcome everyone.
    4. What we want to do is make sure the swastika is fully rehabilitated in the western world so people understand what it truly means for the majority of people.
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