1. Hindus in Pakistan demand land for burial

    Islamabad: Hindus in the Pakistani garrison city of Rawalpindi have requested authorities to provide land for a cemetery as existing burial sites have been filled to capacity, according to a media report Monday.

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    1. The area is also surrounded by security departments and the Hindus avoid going there, fearing security checks.
    2. We have a Shamshan Ghat on Tipu Road but there is no place to bury the dead there. One of our community members had to bury his daughter in a Muslim graveyard but later had to exhume the body after a year.
    3. When we go to Tipu Road Mandir and Shamshan Ghat to cremate our dead, all the people residing in the adjacent buildings come out on the rooftops and see our religious rituals, making us feel very uncomfortable.
    4. The low caste Hindus are poor and they will not be able to purchase land for their graveyards.
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