1. Bali leads world Hindu movement

    The second World Hindu Summit has finally agreed to establish the World Hindu Parisad, a Hindu organization discussion and deliberation forum aiming to expand the network of Hindu devotees around the globe. 

    In addition, the 500 Hindu leaders and scholars from all over the world also established the World Hindu Center, the implementing structure of the World Hindu Parisad.

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    1. These two bodies are domiciled in Bali and we pray to God that He will bestow us with strength, capability and resilience to overcome common world problems. There are many issues that are still to be resolved that will be resolved in the quickest possible time.
    2. As Hindus, we are eager to encourage all Hindus to be tolerant with their fellow Hindus and with other faiths.
    3. As Balinese and Indonesians we should maintain the trust that they have given us.
    4. We are eager to create a real program that contributes to enhancing tolerance and harmony, both facing challenges all over the world.
    5. Bali deserves to be the global center for Hindus.
    6. Through the World Hindu Summit, I am urging all Hindu devotees from all around the globe to always develop religious traditions that provide a role model for harmonious life.
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