1. Creating a Sanctuary for Spiritual Energy

    Creating a Sanctuary for Spiritual Energy

    PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — When Dr. Dilip Dan and his wife, Sarita, decided it was time to build their family home on this tropical island, they chose to follow ancient Hindu architectural principles as a way of ensuring that the house would become a fine legacy for their two children.

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    1. We chose Vastu when building because we did not just want a house but a home.
      By Dilip Dan
    2. When the whole building inside and outside is designed according to Vastu, our thoughts, feelings, and actions are spontaneously flowing in the evolutionary direction for harmonious and peaceful living — life in accord with natural law.
    3. We wanted to utilize the highest part of the land, saving most of the space for landscaping and possible future use. The design was thus a longer open home.
      By Dilip Dan
    4. Normally, the master bedroom would be southwest but, because we wanted to have the kids' rooms close, we accepted
      By Dilip Dan
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