1. Terminator of Hindus

    For Abdul Alim, the Liberation War was something more than just a battle between the Bangalee freedom fighters and the Pakistani army and their local collaborators. It for him was a special mission, a mission to wipe out a particular community: the Hindu.

    Throughout the nine-month war, Alim, then 41, incited his followers with fiery speeches to loot properties of the Hindus in Joypurhat. But he did not stop there ...

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    1. The inciting speech made by accused Alim is a fair indicative that intent of targeting the Hindu community was to destroy it in part which is a constitutive element of the offence of genocide.
    2. After some time, some Pakistani army personnel arrived on trucks and Abdul Alim came along with the Pakistani army, He showed the army Hindu localities like Sonarpara, Jugipara and Palpara.
    3. There they looted houses, set fire to them and dragged 370 people from the homes to Kural Pukur, I saw 26 of them being gunned down there.
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