1. In Newly Secular Nepal, Votes for Hinduism

    In Newly Secular Nepal, Votes for Hinduism

    Nepalis will vote on Tuesday for a second constituent assembly, which will also function as a parliament, after the first one failed to agree on key provisions for a new constitution. While federalism and economic development are the dominant election issues, Mr. Thapa and his royalist party are hoping to remain relevant by stirring up religious sentiments in this Hindu-majority nation.

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    1. In Nepal, monarchy and Hinduism are two sides of the same coin.
    2. It should be institutionalized in the constitution that Nepal is a Hindu state.
    3. Politics is polarizing along ethnic and regional lines, so some leaders think the Hindu space can be utilized to counter these issues.
    4. Without the Hindu religion, what is the basis for the existence of Nepal?
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