1. Hindu bodies blame Pak of discrimination

    AMRITSAR: Various Hindu organizations have blamed Pakistan-government">Pakistan government of discriminating against Hindu pilgrims aspiring to visit Pakistan on religious occasions and have urged the Indian government to take up the issue with the neighbouring country on priority.

    "Pakistan high commission had rejected visas toyoung Hindu boys during Katasraj pilgrimage in 2013," said Sri Durgiana Temple Committee general secretary Ramesh Sharma on Saturday. He said not only were ...

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    1. Pakistan high commission had rejected visas to young Hindu boys during Katasraj pilgrimage in 2013.
    2. This year Hindu jatha is going to Pakistan from February 25 to March 3 to celebrate Mahashivratri at Katasraj cluster of temples.
    3. Our demand is not only to increase quota of pilgrims but also development and preservation of Hindu religious sites in Pakistan.
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