1. India acts to end illegal temple building

    India acts to end illegal temple building
    There are hundreds of thousands of religious sites across India built on public land, and Delhi's municipal spokesman Deep Mathur conceded that demolition ...
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    1. The temple is expanding along with the tree's growth. We can't help that.
    2. It's god's wish that the temple is safe and sound.
    3. Criminals, the land mafia and anti-social elements exploit religious sentiments of the people to grab public land through the construction of such places of worship.
    4. The structure in New Ashok Nagar (district) has been abandoned for years but if we try to demolish it, hundreds will turn up and clamour for damages.
    5. Putting up two stones or occupying a piece of land in the name of religion is a blatant crime, and it must halt -- because such land belongs to all citizens and not just some groups and sects.
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