1. China pushed the envelope: Analyst

    Even Pandit Nehru met the spiritual leader,” Bhaskar said. India is also concerned over China's growing closeness with Islamabad. ...
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    1. It is cranky. It should be taken reasonably seriously.
    2. I do not mean the two countries would go to a war, but the action baffles me as an analyst.
    3. We have to see how the two sides deal with it this time.
    4. China even protested Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's meeting with the Dalai Lama. It was not the first time an Indian prime minister met the Dalai Lama. Even Pandit Nehru met the spiritual leader.
    5. We strongly condemn the Chinese attitude and stand. The Ministry of External Affairs and the Government of India must immediately convey our displeasure.
    6. This is the worst kind of insult inflicted upon India.
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