1. Danish playground plan to boost religious tolerance

    Danish playground plan to boost religious tolerance
    FREDERICIA, Denmark — Children skip across the roof of a mosque and play hide and seek in a Hindu temple: this unsual playground is designed to build tolerance as religious relations are cooling in Denmark.
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    1. It is fun to see what a mosque looks like and a Hindu temple and to play with children from other religions.
    2. It is important for parents to talk to their children, to teach them to be tolerant and open to others, from a young age.
    3. It is good to through tolerance seek to prevail over prejudice.
    4. It allows us, through games, to learn more about other religions.
    5. It is a good thing to teach children other ways to get to know each other.
    6. Fredericia had in the past the second largest Jewish community in Denmark after Copenhagen, and it was their refuge during the 1700s.
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