1. 'Kurta not a Hindu attire, Muslims also wear it'

    'Kurta not a Hindu attire, Muslims also wear it'

    Kuala Lumpur: Is the "kurta" a Hindu attire? It is not, and that is what Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak shared with his people asking them not to be confused with what constituted cultural and religious beliefs. 

    Stating that eyebrows were raised when he wore a kurta, purportedly an Indian attire, at a Tamil festival recently, Najib said the hip-length long-sleeved shirt is not solely a Hindu dress. 

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    1. If there is a country which wants to showcase itself as a model of multiracial unity, I don’t think there is a country better than Malaysia.
    2. He did not even enter the cave temple.
    3. It's not wrong if there is no intention to celebrate or endorse the rites of other religions.
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