1. Pakistani Hindu women being forcibly converted, says daily

    Hindu families in Sindh province were living in fear and insecurity due to their young women being forcibly converted, said a leading daily that called upon the government to act with urgency on the matter.

    An editorial in the Dawn Tuesday said that allegations of the forced conversion of young Hindu women in Sindh, which has been endorsed by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, "brings to light yet again ...

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    1. Kidnapping for ransom in cities and towns remains high; in the hinterland, especially where minorities are concerned, the practice also involves the abduction of women by those with any feudal power for reasons based in sheer lust and debauchery.
    2. This painful pattern, without any hope of redress or sincere investigation, has left the Hindu community in duress...Democratic norms and plain decency demand that justice be served regardless of the faith of the parties involved.
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