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    1. Obituaries: The Newest Route to Convert the Living

      Professor Anantanand Rambachan’s recent column in the Huffington Post reveals a stunning practice that I had never heard of before: strangers sending condolence letters upon the death of a loved one to try and convert grieving family members to Christianity. It is wholly inappropriate, as Prof. Rambachan writes, to try and exploit “an occasion for emotional vulnerability.”

      We at HAF consider the above to be an instance of “predatory ...

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    2. HAF response to Hinduism Calls for an Armed and Vigilant Society

      In his response to HAF’s letter to the President, Mr. Parag Tope makes a salient point with which HAF would agree -- namely, that Hindus should resist oppression, and in many cases, actively rebel against a tyrannical regime. In fact, HAF makes the same point in the first and second paragraphs of its letter -- that the desirability of ahimsa as a general rule should be balanced against the necessity of ...

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    3. Interfaith, Only If You Ignore The Rest

      Yesterday, the presidential inaugural ceremonies finished up with one of the final events, the National Prayer Service, held at the Washington National Cathedral. The service is billed as an interfaith gathering meant to “celebrate the values and diversity” that make our country strong. The Washington Post noted that the service “included national clergy from the Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Sikh traditions.” What’s also notable is who ...

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    4. Tulsi Gabbard Sworn In

      Thursday, it became official: Tulsi Gabbard became the first Hindu member of Congress. Last summer, while her campaign gathered momentum, I asked a number of Hindu American high school students what it would mean to them if a Hindu was elected to Congress. Instead of writing my own thoughts, I’m going to quote what a few of them wrote:

      “It would be important to me because then there would ...

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    5. Dharma and the "Fiscal Cliff"

      The news out of Washington, D.C. indicates no real progress has been made toward striking a deal that would avoid the mix of sequestration and expiring tax cuts that’s been termed the “fiscal cliff.” Observing the partisan bickering, I can’t help but consider what a Hindu perspective might be on the whole situation. The principle of dharma, commonly translated as “duty” in English, though it has a ...

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    6. A Big Night for Hindu Americans

      Tulsi Gabbard’s victory in Hawaii’s 2nd District means that she will be the first Hindu American ever elected to Congress. The Hindu American Foundation congratulates her on her victory, and looks forward to seeing her be a voice for Hawaii and 2 million Hindu Americans.

      Another important victory for all those believing in religious pluralism happened last night in Florida, where voters soundly defeated the proposed Amendment 8 ...

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    7. Will Pakistan Wake Up?

      The shooting of Malala Yousafzai in the Swat region of Pakistan is only the latest event that showcases the danger of Islamic extremists in the country. Following on the heels of the abduction and forced marriage of Rinkle Kumari and other Hindu girls as well as the blasphemy case of a 14 year old Christian girlbased on false evidence, it’s clear that unless the Pakistani government moves decisively to ...

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    8. Justice Denied, Twice

      It has become increasingly obvious that every government institution in Pakistan is paying only lip service to the plight of Hindus and other minorities in the country, as seen in the recent “resolution” of the Rinkle Kumari case. What is more disturbing is that the Indian government seems to have taken no notice of the fact that Hindu, Sikh, and other minority refugees are fleeing to India from Pakistan to ...

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    9. Does Justice Exist for Pakistan’s Hindus?

      As detailed in HAF’s latest Human Rights Report, Hindus in Pakistan have faced “discrimination and widespread violence,” and there has been an “abject failure of government authorities and law enforcement to protect them,” leading to an estimated amount of 350,000 Hindus having migrated from Pakistan’s Sindh province to India in recent years. Now, one case in Pakistan appears to have captured world media attention, as there have ...

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    10. Site5 Hosting Review: Site5 Hosts Islamic Terrorist Website

      Update: Site5 shuts down website after complaints.

      If you are considering hosting your website on Site5, or if you currently do, I strongly advise you to host your site elsewhere. Site5 Hosting (site5.com) currently hosts shariah4hind.com, an Islamic fundamentalist website, that calls for imposition of shariah law in India.   What is Shariah and Shariah4Hind?Shariah is a moral code and religious law of Islam.  There are many interpretations ...

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    11. The Dharma of Health-Care Reform

      Health-care reform is an economic, political and medical issue. But On Faith panelist and evangelical leader Jim Wallis says it's also a "deeply theological issue, a Biblical issue and a moral issue." Do you agree? Why or why not? Health-care reform: The phrase is as polarizing as it is inaccurate. The hospitals, pharmaceuticals, technology and physician training of the United States are arguably the most emulated globally today. People ...
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    12. Anti-Hindu Bias at U.S. Commission

      This week, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) placed India on its "watch list." By this designation, India, the largest multi-ethnic and multi-religious democracy joins a motley cabal comprised of the likes of Afghanistan, Cuba, Egypt, Somalia and Venezuela. Countries like Bangladesh, that so recently forced the exodus of thousands of Hindus under an Islamist government, enjoy higher status with the Commission than India. How is this ...
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    13. Church and State in America: Cracks in a Wall Just Repaired?

      Church and State in America:  Cracks in a Wall Just Repaired?
      A few weeks have passed and so has the much vaunted National Day of Prayer. President Barack Obama followed tradition set not during the Bush II years, but Truman years, and issued a proclamation on May 7, calling for Americans to observe the day and remember the "Golden Rule, and its call to love one another; to understand one another; and to treat with dignity and respect those with whom ...
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    14. Wall Street Journal Misses the Mark on India's Anti-Conversion Efforts

      Wall Street Journal Misses the Mark on India's Anti-Conversion Efforts
      On April 10, 2009, the WSJ published “The Freedom to Choose a New Faith” in which the author describes the difficulties people face around the world when trying to convert to a religious faith of their choice. I admire Ms. Samelson's intention to bring light to the issue of religious persecution and oppressive governments that deny their citizens freedom of religion, but she missed the mark with respect to ...
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    15. Why We Keep Rocking the Boat.

      Why We Keep Rocking the Boat.
      Last week, a federal judge blocked South Carolina plans to issue a Christian themed license plate that was to feature the words, "I Believe," floating above a gold cross and stained-glass church window...This latest interfaith endeavor in legal advocacy and the jubilation felt by us all, regardless of our religious affiliations, got me thinking about the Foundation's earliest efforts in the arena of religious liberty and the knee-jerk ...
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    16. Where is the hope for the 350,000+ Kashmir Refugees?

      Where is the hope for the 350,000+ Kashmir Refugees?
      Kashmir, once known for its idyllic beauty, is now associated with violence, death and jihadi extremists. Starting in 1989, Islamist terrorism gripped the Kashmir Valley and a brutal campaign of violence and ethnic cleansing was directed against the state’s minority Hindu population, known as Kashmiri Pandits. As a result, between 1989 and 1991, more than 350,000 Hindus, that is over 95% of the Hindu population, were driven out ...
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    17. Hindu Americans Need an Obama

      Hindu Americans Need an Obama
      It's about 11am on what I would consider a typical Monday morning but for the young 20-something year old who just knocked on our front door to survey whether Obama could count on my vote tomorrow. He was polite, spoke in grammatically-correct English, wore shoes, not flip-flops, and had no Ipod in sight. I closed the door after chatting with him briefly when my phone rang and a young ...
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