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    1. B'desh HC rejects writ challenging Islam as state religion

      A top Bangladeshi today rejected a 28-year-old petition seeking removal of Islam as the state religion of the Muslim-majority nation, a provision added in the constitution by a former military dictator in 1988.

       "The petitioners do not have the locus standi (the right to appear in a court with the petition)," ruled a special bench of Justice Naima Haider, Justice Quazi Reza-Ul Hoque, and Justice Ashraful Kamal. 

      The bench ...

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    2. Global Issues: U.S. Charities Proselytize Overseas Using Public Funds

      It’s unconstitutional for faith-based organizations (FBOs) to proselytize using public funds, but some FBOs manage to circumvent these rulings by conducting their evangelistic charity projects overseas. In a recent article for Firstpost, an Indian website, Rupa Subramanya argues that this may begin to strain foreign relations, just as it strains the boundaries of constitutional law.

      “Despite uncertainty about whether it is even constitutional, given the U.S. First Amendment ...

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    3. Michigan Roundtable's new CEO says his job is all about inclusion

      Michigan Roundtable's new CEO says his job is all about inclusion

      “Steve [Spreitzer] was the voice at the other end of the line when I reached out for help a decade ago because of being excluded from a potentially Christian-only, city-sponsored prayer event in Troy,” said Padma Kuppa, an interfaith activist in Troy, with the Hindu American Foundation. “He continues to walk the talk of inclusion ... trying to help people understand that diversity of perspectives is what will allow us to ...

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    4. House considers a prayer plaque at WWII monument; interfaith coalition says ‘no’

      The coalition — a mix of religious and secular organizations that includes the Center for Inquiry, a humanist organization; three Jewish groups; the Hindu American Foundation; and the United Methodist Church – said the prayer does not reflect the religious diversity of the United States.

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    5. Will ‘Christian’ lawyers and judges make Canada more like U.S.?

      Do recent top court decisions in the United States regarding religion offer a harbinger of what could happen in Canada?

      That is one of the fears underpinning the legal disputes over whether Trinity Western University in Langley should be allowed to open Canada’s first private Christian law school.

      Recent high court decisions in favor of conservative Christians in the U.S., where private Christian law schools are common, will ...

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    6. Nod for prayers at U.S. legislative meetings

      Nod for prayers at U.S. legislative meetings

      The U.S. Supreme Court this week permitted government officials across the nation to begin legislative meetings with a prayer, after the town of Greece, New York, defended itself on conducting Christian invocations before official monthly meetings.

      In a 5-4 ruling, the court said sectarian invocations do not automatically violate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion ...

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    7. The Master’s Voice

      Hindu and Hindutva are easily conflated, particularly since a rising Narendra Modi in India’s political discourse has raised the ire of those ideologically averse.

      The answer can be articulated only in an ephemeral vocabulary: India’s legacy—her pluralistic, ever-relevant spirituality, and the many spiritual masters she has bore.  India is the cradle of Dharmic religious traditions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism—that matters regardless of whether ancestors left ...

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    8. A state religion? What’s next, North Carolina, secession?

      A state religion? What’s next, North Carolina, secession?

      As a North Carolina resident also proud to be a United States citizen, I’m starting to worry.

      Since Republicans swept the North Carolina state government, from the statehouse to the House and Senate, the tilt right has been unmistakable. But the latest move out of Raleigh has even a lot of die-hard conservatives shaking their heads. Two representatives from Rowan County have filed legislation that would give North Carolina ...

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    9. North Carolina's Proposed State Religion Isn't as Unprecedented as It Sounds

      North Carolina's Proposed State Religion Isn't as Unprecedented as It Sounds

      What makes this case in particular interesting is that despite the natural incredulous reaction this ploy may incite, it's not as unprecedented as it seems. Prior to independence, the Church of England was the established church in the colonies. After the Revolutionary War and prior to the writing and ratification of the Constitution, states were suddenly left to their own devices, and many responded by considering the establishment of ...

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    10. Religious Quotas are Secularism’s Antithesis

      In his New York Times blog post (Modi and the Muslims’ Malaise”), Hartosh Singh Bal laments the high rates of Muslim poverty in India at large and specifically in urban Gujarat. Mr. Bal approvingly quotes one solution--a 15% allocation of development funds for Muslims--and castigates Gujarati Chief Minister Narendra Modi for rejecting this solution. On the merits, however, Mr. Modi is correct on this issue, and Mr. Bal is wrong ...

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    11. A Big Night for Hindu Americans

      Tulsi Gabbard’s victory in Hawaii’s 2nd District means that she will be the first Hindu American ever elected to Congress. The Hindu American Foundation congratulates her on her victory, and looks forward to seeing her be a voice for Hawaii and 2 million Hindu Americans.

      Another important victory for all those believing in religious pluralism happened last night in Florida, where voters soundly defeated the proposed Amendment 8 ...

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    12. Texas Pastor Crosses The Line

      Apparently a pastor in Texas thinks it perfectly okay to blatantly disregard the law and put a political endorsement on his church’s marquee. Is it too hard to ask for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit receiving a tax exemption from the government (which is a fairly big government subsidy, considering their donors get to deduct the donations from their taxes) to recognize that it has a responsibility to not ...

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    13. 17 National Groups to Release New Guidelines for Public Schools on How to Combat Bullying and Uphold Free Speech

      WASHINGTON, May 17, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- At a press conference on Tuesday, May 22, a coalition of 17 education, religious and civil liberties groups will release new guidelines aimed at helping public schools uphold the First Amendment while combating harassment and bullying.

      "Harassment, Bullying and Free Expression: Guidelines for Free and Safe Public Schools" was organized by the American Jewish Committee and the Religious Freedom Education Project and endorsed ...

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    14. Remove Haj subsidy in 10 years, SC tells government

      New Delhi, May 8 — The Supreme Court Tuesday directed the government to eliminate the subsidy for Haj pilgrims in the next 10 years.

      Coming out against the government policy of subsidies to pilgrims going for Haj to the holy city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia every year, an apex court bench of Justice Aftab Alam and Justice R.P. Desai also cut the strength of goodwill delegation sent by the ...

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    15. Where Are NGO Foreign Contribution Funds Really Going in India?

      Large amount of funds go to Christian organizations whose purpose is conversion. This act of “soul harvesting” or “planting of the Church” is an anachronistic practice of nineteenth century which is totally incongruous in the twenty first century where faith based political movements like the Church movements are disappearing from Europe their cradle of growth. Europe which has given up on the Church is trying to overcome its guilt by ...

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    16. Prayer Problem: Congressman’s Sectarian Invocation Muddies Constitutional Waters

      Simon BrownWall of SeparationIt’s not a surprise that Rep. Todd Akin doesn’t get why anyone would be unhappy with him since this isn’t the first time he has tried to entangle religion and politics. U.S. Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.), who is chair of the House Armed Forces Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee, has been opening subcommittee meetings with Christian prayers. “Heavenly Father,…help us to be ...
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    17. Religion And Politics Don't Mix, Major Religious Groups Tell Presidential Candidates

      "Religion in Political Campaigns -- An Interfaith Statement of Principles" was signed by: the American Islamic Congress; American Jewish Committee; Anti-Defamation League; Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty; Interfaith Alliance; Islamic Society of North America; Hindu American Foundation; Muslim Advocates; National Council of Churches USA; Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund; Sikh Coalition; Union for Reform Judaism; The United Methodist Church General Board of Church and Society; and the United ...

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    18. Diverse religious coalition calls for less discord in politics

      A group of 14 religious organizations have issued a joint statement asking for political candidates to avoid using their religious beliefs as a test for public office.  Below is the complete statement of principles from the groups.

      Religion in Political Campaigns -- An Interfaith Statement of Principles

      Freedom of religion is one of our nation's most cherished liberties.   It is at the very foundation of America.  Our nation's Constitution ...

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    19. Freethought San Marcos: Hays County Commissioners Court promotes sectarianism

      Of equal importance, this sectarian practice is a potential affront to county employees who are required to attend some or all meetings...Other groups that supported the position taken by the original plaintiffs in the 4th circuit include the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, the Anti-Defamation League, the Blue Mountain Lotus Society, the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation, the Hindu American Foundation, and the Sikh Council on Religion and Education.
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    20. “Town must not appear to endorse a religion” Times of Trenton Letters to the Editor – Dec. 31 | NJ.com

      When a government agency, such as a town, endorses a religious sentiment or statement of faith, this breaks down the wall of separation between religion and government. In order for us to have freedom of religious conscience, our government must be neutral on religion and cannot favor or discriminate against any faith. We respect the Knights of Columbus, which sponsors the banner, and we value its work in the community ...
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