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    1. Hindu temple torched in Pirojpur

      [Bangladesh] Miscreants torched a Hindu temple at Laxmipura in Bhandaria upazila on Saturday night. Locals said the family temple of Roy Bari was set on fire around 8:15 pm. The blaze burned down clothes and parts of Hindu goddesses Shyama. However, the house inmates doused the flame in a few minutes. On information, police rushed in and informed the matter to Environment and Forests Minister Anwar Hossain Manju, said ...

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    2. Elderly Buddhist monk hacked to death in Bangladesh: police

      The murder adds to a grim toll in past weeks, with an atheist student, two gay rights activists, a liberal professor, a Hindu tailor and a Sufi Muslim leader hacked to death.

      An elderly Buddhist monk was found hacked to death on Saturday in Bangladesh, police said, the latest in a spate of murders of religious minorities and secular activists in the country.


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    3. Bangladesh safer than Syria for jihadis … India’s Muslims equal, B’desh Hindus oppressed … Indian liberals back Islamic fanatics: Taslima Nasreen

      Since 2013, more than 20 people – including secular writers, bloggers, professors, members of religious minorities and foreigners – have been killed in targeted attacks in Bangladesh. Why are secular individuals being targeted in Bangladesh? Who is killing them?

      Jihadists have been silencing or threatening voices of sanity because democracy and pluralism are anathema to them. All they want is to establish a theocracy. They want to create Darul Islam, the land ...

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    4. JuD will not allow destruction of Hindu temples in Pak: Hafiz Saeed

      Chief of Pakistan’s banned JuD, Hafiz Saeed, has said his organisation will not allow destruction of Hindu temples and other holy places of non- Muslims in the country.

      It was Muslims’ responsibility to safeguard holy places of their Hindus brethren, he said while addressing a meeting in Matli town of Sindh province yesterday.

      “We will not allow destruction of temples and other holy places of non-Muslims in the country ...

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    5. Bangladesh jails 2 Hindu teachers for insulting Islam

      DHAKA, Bangladesh — A court has jailed two teachers in southern Bangladesh for making derogatory comments about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, invoking a rare law from the British colonial era that makes insulting any religion a crime.

      The case began when students at Hijla High School in Bagerhat district complained that the assistant teacher of a science class Sunday dismissed the Quran as the word of Allah and said there ...

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    6. Hindus fall prey to post-polls violence

      [Bangladesh] Hindu people living in Khidirpara union parishad under Louhojong upazila in Munshiganj have been passing days with anxiety since Saturday’s union parishad election as supporters of an Awami League supported chairman candidate vandalised over 15 houses and threatening them with dire consequences.

      Many people of the community have already left their dwelling houses and are living at their relatives’ houses located at neighbouring places.

      Local sources said Khidirpara ...

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    7. Anger over kidnappings, forced conversions of Hindu girls in Pakistan

      Earlier this month, on April 9, 2016, three teenage girls of Hindu community in Sindh province went missing from their villages.

      Threatened by kidnappings and forced conversions of their teenage girls and abandoned by the government of Pakistan, the Hindu minority living in Sindh province is waiting for a divine miracle to rescue them.

      Earlier this month, on April 9, 2016, three teenage girls of Hindu community in Sindh province ...

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    8. Hindu girl abducted in Pakistan, police inaction alleged

      Pakistan's ruling party PML(N)'s prominent minority Hindu community Member of National Assembly (MNA) Ramesh Kumar Vankwani has alleged police inaction in the abduction of a 14-year-old Hindu girl in the Sindh province.

      While talking to TOI over phone from Karachi, Vankwani, who is also founder of Pakistan Hindu Council, informed that on April 10th , a 14 years old Hindu girl Leela Bai was abducted from Sanghar district ...

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    9. Centre to Allow Pakistani Hindus to Buy Property, Open Bank A/C

      New Delhi: People belonging to minority communities of Pakistan, staying in India on a Long Term Visa, will soon be allowed to buy property, open bank accounts and get PAN and Aadhaar cards, with the Modi government planning to roll out special facilities for them.

      Among other concessions the BJP-led government is all set to offer them include reduction in fees for registration as citizens of India from Rs 15 ...

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    10. Battle for Bangladesh’s soul

      Battle for Bangladesh’s soul

      ....the country’s success in its fight against extremism should matter to the entire world “Offending religious sentiments shows a perverted mindset,” the Bangladeshi Premier, Sheikh Hasina, recently said at a celebration of the Bengali New Year on April 14. She was careful to add, however, that anyone “killing another person in response to what they have written is not Islamic”.

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    11. Study: Pakistan’s public school textbooks portray non-Muslim citizens as “religiously inferior, scheming and intolerant”

      Religion should be harboring tolerance and promoting peace but unfortunately, things are often different in real life. A new report that analyzed 78 textbooks from all four provinces of Pakistan found that children in schools are encouraged to disregard non-Muslims.

      Pakistan is one of the most populous countries in the world, with some 200 million inhabitants. It’s also one of the biggest Muslim countries, with 95-98% practicing the religion ...

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    12. Indian citizenship for Hindus from Pakistan to be made easier: Government

      There are around 400 Pakistani Hindu refugee settlements in cities like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Raipur, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Kutch, Bhopal, Indore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Delhi and Lucknow.

      People belonging to minority communities of Pakistan, staying in India on a Long Term Visa, will soon be allowed to buy property, open bank accounts and get PAN and Aadhaar cards, with the Modi government planning to roll out special facilities for them.

      Among ...

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    13. In Pakistan, comedy means calling Hindus 'dogs'

      New Delhi: While the sorry plight of minority Hindus is Pakistan is well known, a 'comedy show' aired on a TV channel in the predominately Muslim country has taken the issue to a new low.

      The show 'Sawa Teen' aired on Neo TV on April 8 had a comedian Sajan Abbas, who was acting as a dealer of conscience, use the words ‘Hindu k**ta’.

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    14. A Hindu is a Hindu: SC raps Sabarimala over ban on entry of women

      New Delhi: Denying women the right to enter and pray in the historic Sabarimala temple in Kerala cannot be justified on the basis of traditions which violated constitutional principle, the Supreme Court said on Wednesday.

      "You cannot deny entry of women based on traditions which are against the principles of the Constitution," a three-judge bench headed by Justice Dipak Misra.

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    15. Bangladesh Islamist group demands removal of Hindu Chief Justice

      An Islamist group in Bangladesh has stoked controversy after it demanded removal of the country's Hindu Supreme Court Chief Justice and sought cutting down funding for Bengali New Year celebrations terming it as 'haram'.

      Olema League, which claims to be an affiliate of ruling Awami League, staged a human chain protest in the capital against the government's funding for the celebration of Bengali New Year, Pohela Baishakh and ...

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    16. Kashmiri Hindus: Driven out and insignificant

      Muslim militant groups targeted Hindus by killing their men, burning their homes and damaging their places of worship. Mosques would make calls for them to leave the valley.

      Saifullah, a former militant, tells the BBC that he regrets participating in driving Kashmiri Hindus out. "We want them back. We want them to live in peace. Kashmir is theirs too," he says.

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    17. US official emphasises on prevention of extremist

      Dhaka, Mar 30: Visiting US Under Secretary Dr Sarah Sewall on Wednesday laid emphasis on a much ‘broader and bolder approach’ to prevent extremist groups from drawing in newer groups and spreading to new communities globally.

      Sewall also visited Dhakeshwari national temple and listened to the Hindu minorities and their concerns. She talked to the Hindu community members on various issues during her around an hour long stay.


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    18. ‘Bomb on Easter a test of Sharif’s clout’

      Author says the attack marks a clear rejection by terrorists of PM Sharif’s outreach to minorities

      The Easter attack in Lahore that killed more than 70 people, including many women and children, was aimed at clearing out minorities, and is a test of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s recent outreach to the country’s Christians and Hindus, says Pakistani author and former member of Parliament Farahanaz Ispahani.

      “By attacking ...

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    19. US official hears out Bangladesh Hindus at Dhakeshwari temple

      Sarah Sewall stayed an hour at the temple on Wednesday.

      Later, she told journalists of hearing out some of the concerns worrying Hindus, despite a 'proud tradition of religious inclusiveness' in Bangladesh.

      One of the concerns she heard was the “unequal enforcement of law”.

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    20. B'desh HC rejects writ challenging Islam as state religion

      A top Bangladeshi today rejected a 28-year-old petition seeking removal of Islam as the state religion of the Muslim-majority nation, a provision added in the constitution by a former military dictator in 1988.

       "The petitioners do not have the locus standi (the right to appear in a court with the petition)," ruled a special bench of Justice Naima Haider, Justice Quazi Reza-Ul Hoque, and Justice Ashraful Kamal. 

      The bench ...

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    21. 'Minority Muslims can do riots, rape in India, but Hindus in Bangladesh can't even think of doing it'

      New Delhi: Known for taking bold stance against bigotry, noted Bangladeshi authorTaslima Nasreen on Sunday stirred up a hornet's nest when she said that minority Muslimscan commit heinous crimes in India which is hard to even imagine for minority Hindus in Bangladesh.

      Through her Twitter handle, Taslima tweeted, “Minority Muslims can do riot, commit violence, rape, even kill a Hindu in India. Minority Hindus can't even ...

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