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    1. Who is God? Pluralism is the Answer

      In the upcoming episode of The Story of God, Morgan Freeman attempts to discover who God is – and how he/she or they have evolved over history,  Leading off with questions such as “What are all the ways that people connect to God?” And “Is god fundamentally different to different faiths?” – Freeman heads to my spiritual homeland, India, the cradle of not only Hinduism, but several other faiths as well ...

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    2. Hindus, Muslims to converge at Pana Teertha today

      [Bangladesh] Two events of the two biggest religious communities of the country, Muslims and Hindus, will be held at the same place in Sunamganj's Tahirpur upazila today.

      The holy bathing of Baruni Snan and Orosh of sufi saint Pir Shah Arefin take place at Pana Teertha every year.

      Pana Teertha is a pilgrimage for the Vaishnava sect of Hindus. According to the locals, every year in the Bengali month ...

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    3. For The First Time, Pakistan Will Declare Public Holidays On Holi, Diwali And Easter

      For the first time in the history of Pakistan, the country will get public holidays on Holi, Diwali and Easter after its parliament on Tuesday adopted a resolution to this effect.

      The resolution, which was moved by lawmaker Dr.Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, was adopted by the National Assembly to take steps to declare the festivals as holidays for minorities.

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    4. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and Hindus: Grand old man's politics of inclusion was defined by 'Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb'

      Almost the last thing Mufti Mohammed Sayeed did before his government shifted to Jammu for the winter at the beginning of November was to insist that a Pandit family which has lived in Delhi since 1990 that they come to Srinagar and spend a few days with him. After several telephone calls, he sent their tickets, hosted them on the bank of the Dal lake, and spent quality time chatting ...

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    5. Bihar's Muslims donate land for world's largest Hindu temple

      PATNA: Muslims in Bihar, in a stellar demonstration of communal harmony, have donated land to help build the world's largest Hindu temple which will have the capacity to seat a staggering 20,000 people. 

      "Muslims have not only donated land, they have also provided land at a nominal rate for construction of the world's largest Hindu temple. Without help of Muslims, it would have been difficult realise this ...

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    6. Hindu Temple in Texas Vandalized with Graffiti

      Hindu Temple in Texas Vandalized with Graffiti

      Leaders of the Hindu American Foundation praised the residents of Lake Highlands as they joined members of the North Texas Hindu Mandir April 18 to clean the graffiti by painting over the hateful messages.

      “Mandir members and the board are saddened by this event, but at the same time feel it has brought us closer to our neighbors and Old Lake Highlands residents,” said Shiva Maharaj, the temple’s president.

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    7. Muslims cannot prosper unless they learn to coexist with Hindus, says Justice Suhail Aizaz Siddiqui

      Muslims cannot prosper unless they learn to coexist with Hindus, says Justice Suhail Aizaz Siddiqui

      Moderate Islam has always been the forte of Indian Muslims, but lately the Islamic beliefs in India have started becoming radicalized and this has led the moderates into taking a more aggressive approach towards preaching their own version of Islamic philosophy. Justice (Retd.) Suhail Aizaz Siddiqui, chairman of National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions is a well-known moderate philosopher who believes in Islam's coexistence with all other faiths.

      Talking ...

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    8. With assimilation, Hindus, Jains worship each others’ deities

      KERI: In Goa and Konkan regions the assimilation between Jainism and Hinduism over centuries has led to Jains and Hindus worshipping each others deities.

      The thirteenth day of the first fortnight of the first month in the Hindu calendar Chaitra, is celebrated every year as the birth anniversary of Lord Vardhaman Mahavir, one of the last Tirthankars (one who shows the path of truth in Jainism).

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    9. In Karachi, a human shield for Hindus celebrating Holi

      In Karachi, a human shield for Hindus celebrating Holi

      KARACHI: The National Student’s Federation (NSF) organised the formation of a human shield at the Holi celebrations at Swami Narayan Temple today to show solidarity with and protect Hindus in attendance.

      The demonstration is an attempt to promote interfaith coexistence and cooperation among different religious and ethnic groups in Pakistan. The NSF leveraged social media to spread information about the event, extending e-vitations to others who share their outlook ...

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    10. Kashmiri Muslims, Hindus United in Grief After Devastating Floods

      Kashmiri Muslims, Hindus United in Grief After Devastating Floods

      SRINAGAR Kashmiris from various religious communities, united in grief in the aftermath of the worst floods to hit the state in nearly 100 years, are helping each other deal with the tragedy.

      In Srinagar, Kashmiri Muslim volunteers have been spearheading the relief operation in Durga Nag Temple, where several Kashmiri Pandit families have taken shelter. 45 such families from different parts of Srinagar are camping in the temple complex, which ...

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    11. Michigan Roundtable's new CEO says his job is all about inclusion

      Michigan Roundtable's new CEO says his job is all about inclusion

      “Steve [Spreitzer] was the voice at the other end of the line when I reached out for help a decade ago because of being excluded from a potentially Christian-only, city-sponsored prayer event in Troy,” said Padma Kuppa, an interfaith activist in Troy, with the Hindu American Foundation. “He continues to walk the talk of inclusion ... trying to help people understand that diversity of perspectives is what will allow us to ...

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    12. New Hindu Chaplain Complements Oakwood’s diverse embrace of all major faiths

      Shama Mehta didn’t expect her life to change the day she interviewed for a volunteer services position at Oakwood Hospital – Dearborn. 

      After being downsized from an administrative position with her previous employer, she knew she wanted to work in an environment where she could help other people. Mehta, a 30-year-old devout Hindu from Livonia, never considered chaplaincy and she certainly wasn’t prepared for how the journey would impact ...

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    13. Canton man honored for diversity work

      Canton man honored for diversity work

      Steve Spreitzer of Canton was among those honored recently as the Hindu American Foundation marked its 11th annual D.C. Advocacy Days to discuss the plight of religious minorities in Bangladesh.

      Spreitzer, director of programs at the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion, received the HAF’s Mahatma Gandhi Award for the Advancement of Religious Pluralism.


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    14. Hindu-Sikh Trainings in Maryland Provide a Template for Schools Across the

      Hindu-Sikh Trainings in Maryland Provide a Template for Schools Across the

      Over the past few months, the Hindu American Foundation, Kaur Foundation, and Sikh Kid To Kid worked with the Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools to implement a three-part training for teachers, involving cultural immersions at Sikh and Hindu places of worship (separate trips), followed by a reflection session designed to improve classroom approaches to teaching about the two faiths.

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    15. Troy Interfaith Group marks 10th Annual National Day of Prayer

      In 2004, however, when Troy Mayor Louise Schilling invited Padma Kuppa to share a Hindu prayer at the city’s National Day of Prayer observance, which had been held on the plaza in front of City Hall for nearly ten years, the event’s coordinators objected. The event was coordinated by representatives of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, a conservative Christian coalition that viewed the National Day of ...

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