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    1. Alleging conversion bid, Hindu bodies demand ban on church programme

      Various organisations have demanded a ban on a programme to be organised at a church at Behrampur Bet village in this district on February 26 and 27 alleging that the programme is being organised to hold conversions.

      The representatives of these organisations, including Youth Aggarwal Sabha, Sanatan Dharam Sabha, Ram Lila Committee, SS Jain Sabha, Mahavir Dal, Gau Raksha Dal, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, Gopal Gaushala, Balmik Sabha and Bharat ...

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    2. Global Issues: U.S. Charities Proselytize Overseas Using Public Funds

      It’s unconstitutional for faith-based organizations (FBOs) to proselytize using public funds, but some FBOs manage to circumvent these rulings by conducting their evangelistic charity projects overseas. In a recent article for Firstpost, an Indian website, Rupa Subramanya argues that this may begin to strain foreign relations, just as it strains the boundaries of constitutional law.

      “Despite uncertainty about whether it is even constitutional, given the U.S. First Amendment ...

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    3. A Debate Rages in India Over Conversion, Secularism, and “Spiritual Violence”

      A Debate Rages in India Over Conversion, Secularism, and “Spiritual Violence”

      Over the past few months, Indian and U.S. media have reported widely about right-wing Hindu groups’ plans to “re-convert” Muslim and Christians to Hinduism (and in some cases, Sikhism).

      Indeed, the so-called ghar wapsi (“homecoming or conversion”) effort has rung alarm bells among observers, stoking fears that the right-of-center government of the Bharatiya Janata Party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi (a self-described Hindu nationalist), are seeking to undermine post-independence ...

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    4. Uncle Sam may be indirectly funding religious conversion in India

      Uncle Sam may be indirectly funding religious conversion in India

      Are church and state really separate in the United States? And how does that affect US foreign relations with countries such as India?

      An unsettled and ongoing debate in the area of foreign development assistance concerns the extensive role played by faith-based organisations (FBO). In the US context, in particular, FBOs have been heavily involved in the delivery of both domestic social and foreign development assistance activities funded by the ...

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    5. Farce or Dialogue: Who should be discussing Proselytism & Pluralism?

      Headlines today feed the continued stereotype that Hindu activism is to be feared, even when it is meant to end the violence and human rights abuses that occur as a result of coercive conversion.   Centuries of missionary efforts have converted entire populations to Christianity, leaving indigenous groups such as the Native Americans in North America, Babaylans in the Philippines, and Tainos in the Caribbean, decimated. And more recently, evangelicals are ...

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    6. Bobby Jindal, raised Hindu, uses Christian conversion to woo GOP base for 2016 run

      Bobby Jindal, raised Hindu, uses Christian conversion to woo GOP base for 2016 run

      His religious education reached a higher plane during his junior year in high school, he told his dinner audience. He wanted to ask a pretty girl on a date during a hallway conversation, and she started talking about her faith in God and her opposition to abortion. The girl invited him to visit her church.

      Jindal said he was skeptical and set out to “investigate all these fanciful claims” made ...

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    7. United Nations too Christian, claims report

      United Nations too Christian, claims report

      Study calls for greater religious tolerance with Hinduism and Buddhism under-represented and funding a major issue

      Christianity dominates the United Nations and more diversity is needed to increase non-Christian representation in world peacemaking, according to a study.

      Research undertaken by Prof Jeremy Carrette, with colleagues from the University of Kent's department of religious studies, has revealed that more than 70% of religious non-government organisations (NGOs) at the UN are ...

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    8. Malaysian Court Invalidates Father's Conversion of Children To Islam Without Mother's Consent

      AFP reports that a Malaysian high court yesterday ruled that the 2009 conversion to Islam of three Hindu children to be unconstitutional.  The court said that the father-- who converted to Islam and brought the children with him-- had failed to take the mother and children to Islamic authorities for their consent to the conversion.  If the conversion had been upheld, the Hindu mother of the children would lose custody-- ...

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    9. There were no Hindus in Goa before Portuguese landed: Church thinker

      Panaji: In BJP-ruled Goa, a leading Christian theologist from the influential Roman Catholic Church has claimed that ‘Hindus’ did not exist in region during the pre-Portuguese era.

      Fr. Victor Ferrao, a dean at the state’s most renowned Rachol Roman Catholic seminary, which trains and grooms budding priests has also said in his research paper that the scores of temples demolished by the Portuguese colonists from 15th century onwards were ...

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    10. When evangelizing turns agonizing - How to avoid the pitfalls of 'predatory proselytizing'

      When evangelizing turns agonizing - How to avoid the pitfalls of 'predatory proselytizing'

      In April, a lecture was given at Grand Valley State University in Michigan that featured Padma Kuppa, a Hindu interfaith activist with the Hindu American Foundation. She was sharing the results of her research into “predatory proselytization,” which she defines as unethical conversion strategies. Kuppa offered examples of how this phenomenon takes place in her home country in India. One example was that Christians used public obituary information in order ...

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    11. Obituaries: The Newest Route to Convert the Living

      Professor Anantanand Rambachan’s recent column in the Huffington Post reveals a stunning practice that I had never heard of before: strangers sending condolence letters upon the death of a loved one to try and convert grieving family members to Christianity. It is wholly inappropriate, as Prof. Rambachan writes, to try and exploit “an occasion for emotional vulnerability.”

      We at HAF consider the above to be an instance of “predatory ...

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    12. Pope Francis: Can He Heal The Chasm Between The Roman Catholic Church And Hindus?

      The Hindu-American Foundation, or HAF, welcomed the election of the pope but cautiously called for better relations between the Vatican and non-Christian religions.

      “As a pluralistic faith, Hindus respect the papacy for its importance to Catholics and hope that the church now begins a new era of mutually respecting Dharma religions and other pluralist traditions as divinely inspired paths as well,” Pawan Deshpande, a member of the HAF Executive Council ...

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    13. UN Special Rapporteur Focuses On Right To Religious Conversion and Freedom From Forced Conversion

      According to a UNHR press release, last week United Nations Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, Heiner Bielefeldt, presented to the General Assembly a report prepared in August (full text) that focuses on the right of religious conversion, as well as the right not to be forced to convert. The report says in part:Countless reports of grave violations  of the right to freedom of religion or belief ...

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    14. Fiji Hindu group rejects Christian State call by Methodists

      One of Fiji's main Hindu religious organisations has rejected the idea that the country ought to be an officially Christian state.

      The new President of Fiji's Methodist Church, Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu said yesterday on Pacific Beat that Fiji was ceded to God by the chiefs, meaning it is a Christian country.

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    15. Where Are NGO Foreign Contribution Funds Really Going in India?

      Large amount of funds go to Christian organizations whose purpose is conversion. This act of “soul harvesting” or “planting of the Church” is an anachronistic practice of nineteenth century which is totally incongruous in the twenty first century where faith based political movements like the Church movements are disappearing from Europe their cradle of growth. Europe which has given up on the Church is trying to overcome its guilt by ...

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    16. Hindu Seva or Christian Charity? Lessons for the US and the World

      (CHAKRA) In 1993 Christopher Hitchens exposed the myth of Mother Teresa as a caring old woman helping India ’s poor with Christian charity. Yet the myth persists that her disease infested incarceration centres are in the forefront of Christianity’s civilising mission in Hindu-majority India . Switch onto any American fundamentalist Christian programme such as the notorious CBN and its 700 Club run by Pat Robertson and you will be asked ...

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