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    1. Activist Academics Unleash Hinduphobia in California

      The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) has spent nearly a decade interacting with school boards, textbook publishers, and directly with teachers and students to ensure that Hinduism, and the Indian civilization it helped shape, is accurate. What is more, HAF insists that the curriculum be culturally competent and equitable in comparison to the presentation of other religious traditions. This insistence is not about sensitivities, but about complying with California law, which ...

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    2. Hindu Temples Must Be Open to All

      Christian churches in many European countries such as Sweden, Denmark, France and Belgium are struggling with the phenomenon of declining attendance. The same is true of England where less than one million attend weekly Church of England services. The trend in the United States is similar.

      In India, on the other hand, the challenge is a different one. News reports remind us often that the doors of Hindu temples are ...

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    3. For Parents of Autistic Children, Education and Empowerment Key to Erasing Stigmas

      While groups such as the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) are working to help promote education about autism, organized advocacy and awareness within communities of color is still lacking. In Hindu communities, for example, the lack of education about autism can cause social stigmas, which directly contradict Hindu teachings compassion and acceptance of differences.

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    4. Bangladesh Arrests Suspected Islamist Militants Over Bomb Plot

      Muslim-majority Bangladesh has experienced a surge in Islamist violence, targeting liberal activists, members of minority Muslim sects and other religious groups.

      Militant group Islamic State has claimed responsibility for some recent attacks, including the killing of a Hindu priest last month, but the government denies it has a presence in Bangladesh.

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    5. Why a Hindu American Gave up Beef

      When I tell people I don't eat beef, I get mixed reactions. People that aren't South Asian look at me with confusion, but don't question it. It would be rude for them to ask without reason, so they don't.

      On the other hand, Hindu Americans look at me suspiciously and nod their heads in disbelief. They automatically perceive me as a extremist. With my proclamation that ...

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    6. Why a County School Board's Vote on Diwali Has National Implications

      The Howard County (MD) Board of Education's unanimous vote to approve Diwali (Deepavali) as a day off for students isn't just significant for the Hindu community there. It represents a broader discussion on pluralism in rapidly diversifying regions, and is likely to have national consequences as religious minorities grow in number.

      The vote to add the holiday on the 2016 calendar was a surprise, given that Hindu community ...

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    7. Are Hindus being undercounted in religion surveys?

      Last week, the Pew Research Center released a report on how Americans identify in terms of their religious beliefs, noting the growth of non-Christian traditions within the country.

      According to Pew, Hinduism is now tied with Buddhism as the country's fourth-largest religion, with approximately 2.23 million adherents. What's fascinating about this count is that, according to the survey, the population of Hindus in the United States jumped ...

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    8. Bread Not Bibles for Nepal

      Where rescue and recovery, food, shelter, and medical supplies and services are so desperately and obviously needed, the story understandably elicited concerns as to whether giving Bibles to the primarily Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim victims is either appropriate or ethical. It turned out, of course, that the story appearing in The Lapine, a well-known satirical paper from Canada, was just that -- satire. But, the sad truth is that the story ...

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    9. History Standard Revision in Virginia a Step Forward

      History Standard Revision in Virginia a Step Forward

      The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) contended that the old standard was based on an inaccurate narrative of ancient India and Hinduism that collapsed thousands of years of history and social development together. As I told a Virginia Board of Education member in December, the way the standard was written is tantamount to claiming that George Washington fought the British driving a Ford F-150.

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    10. Pat Robertson Claims Yoga Forces People To Pray 'To A Hindu Deity'

      Pat Robertson Claims Yoga Forces People To Pray 'To A Hindu Deity'

      Pat Robertson has some words of caution for anyone considering taking up yoga.

      Responding to a viewer's question posed during Tuesday's episode of "The 700 Club,” Robertson claimed that the ancient mindfulness practice tricks people into "praying to a Hindu deity." During yoga lessons, he said, participants unknowingly repeat mantras "in Hindu" -- though Robertson did not say whether he has ever personally taken a yoga class.


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    11. How Hindu-Americans Are Using Diwali To Teach About The Faith

      Nationally, the Hindu American Foundation is also putting forth its own effort to teach Diwali this year. The nonprofit, which often focuses on civil rights and public policy issues, has launched a fundraiser to train public school teachers on how to educate students on Hinduism and Diwali.

      "There's a frustration we have in how Hinduism and ancient India are presented in textbooks" -- often as caricatures -- "and it's a ...

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    12. For a New Generation of Hindu American Parents, a Changing Model of Religion and Culture

      For a New Generation of Hindu American Parents, a Changing Model of Religion and Culture

      For those who identify as Hindu, the conflation between the religious identity and being Indian has been especially problematic, since being Hindu doesn't necessarily mean being Indian, and vice versa. For many of our parents' generation, however, it was hard to articulate a religious identity separate from homeland culture because the way they were raised often fused local cultural norms with religious practice, though there were certainly overlaps (and ...

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    13. Hinduism Is Arizona And Delaware's Second-Largest Religion

      Hinduism Is Arizona And Delaware's Second-Largest Religion

      So where are America's Hindus? Arizona and Delaware are the two states where Hinduism is the second most-practiced faith, based on a 2010 U.S. Religion Census: Religious Congregations and Membership Study.

      There are thirty-five Hindu congregations in Arizona, which serve 32,887 adherents, according to AZ Central. Though that number of observant people is larger than any other minority religion in the state, it still pales in comparison ...

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    14. Why Hindus should be more vocal on issues affecting our communities

      When Hindu Americans are asked to join interfaith efforts to advocate or speak out on these issues, a common response is "How does this affect us?" That question is driven in part by the demographics of the Hindu American community, which is still overwhelming of South Asian descent. As a result, there still tends to be a conflation between ethnic and religious identities.

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    15. The Spirit of Shanti and Salaam (Part 2): American Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus Standing Together

      Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs together make up less than 3 percent of the American population, but they have become increasingly prominent in the American social fabric, thanks to the advocacy efforts of all three groups in the wake of 9/11 and the similar experiences members of each religion have faced in being recognized and respected in the United States. They have been victims of violence, too, as exhibited by ...

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    16. Take a Hindu to Lunch

      Take a Hindu to Lunch

      In a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, 3,217 Americans were asked to rate religious groups on a 0-100 "feeling thermometer," with 0 representing the coldest and 100 the warmest. Hindus received a lukewarm rating of 50.

      There are several reasons for this, I believe. The first is obvious, and not terribly surprising: in a related Pew poll, only 22 percent of Americans said they know a Hindu ...

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    17. How the NYT Masks Hinduphobia with Science

      The New York Times recently featured a story in which NYT South Asia correspondent, Gardiner Harris conflates India's serious problem of open defecation with Hinduism. Hindu American Foundation co-founder and member of its Board of Directors, Aseem R. Shukla, MD, offers the following response and analysis as a guest on this blog. Dr. Shukla is a pediatric urologist in Philadelphia and works extensively in India teaching at several of ...

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    18. Nose Deep in Their Own... Prejudice: Hinduism and The New York Times' Sewage Problem

      What might have been an excellent piece of reporting on an important public-health concern in India has turned out instead to be one of the most absurd, far-fetched, and ugly pieces of Hinduphobic racism in journalism ever.

      After being told for several years now that Hinduism is to blame for everything in India from the gang rape of women to the mere questioning of Wendy Doniger's strange claims, The ...

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    19. Tanenbaum's Seven Principles can be a driving force for pluralism

      Tanenbaum's Seven Principles can be a driving force for pluralism

      Tanenbaum's teaching approach is driven by its "Seven Principles for Inclusive Education," which are: teaching all students; exploring multiple identities; preventing prejudice; promoting social justice; choosing appropriate materials; teaching and learning about cultures and religions; and adapting and integrating lessons appropriately.

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    20. Let's Not Forget These Hindu Voices in the World of Social Uplift

      To the dismay of many of us who write regularly for the publication, however, an article this week on faith-based organizations doing good works did not mention a single Hindu organization until the piece was updated to include the UK-based Bhumi Project. The lack of Hindu representation on the list was surprising (since it's the world's oldest major religion and the third largest) and disappointing, given the abundance ...

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    21. Need Extra Resources on Hinduism? These Books Are Just a Start

      Since the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) began its Hinduism 101 initiative last year, I have been fielded with requests from teachers and administrators across the country on what supplemental resources would be good for their schools.

      As I've written before, most textbooks on Hinduism are woefully outdated and inaccurate, meaning that teachers are unable to give their students the best resources when it comes to learning about Hinduism. HAF ...

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