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    1. Increasing conversions to Islam –seeking spiritual peace or more than that?

      Clerics, new converts, non-Muslim community leaders and rights activists say that mostly people belonging to the poor class and scheduled castes, especially Dalit Hindus, were converting to Islam.

      Aslam Ali, 36, a resident of Tharparkar who has converted to Islam from Hinduism, said the Dalit community was facing discrimination both at the hands of Muslim and upper-caste Hindus, who stayed away from its members.

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    2. Hindus seek constitutional rights

      LAHORE - The Hindu community in Pakistan has demanded the government ensure religious freedom, respect for worship places, protection of lives and properties and grant them their constitutional fundamental rights.

      A 50-member delegation of Pakistani Hindu community demanded this while celebrating their religious festival ‘Holi’ which South Asia Partnership-Pakistan (SAP-PK) organised at its office on Tuesday.

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    3. Hindus demand end to atrocities against them

      The All Hindu Rights Organisation held a seminar at Karachi Press Club on Sunday against the atrocities being meted out to the Hindu community in Sindh, particularly forced conversion after kidnapping.

      Speaking on the occasion, Manohar Lal, Jay Parkash, Qamar Bhatti, Riaz Chandio and others said religious extremism was on the rise in the country.

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    4. Lyari’s displaced Christians and Hindus want temporary abode

      Karachi - The Christian and Hindu families who had to leave Lyari’s Slaughter House area a few months ago fearing for their lives have demanded that the government should provide them with a temporary abode outside the troubled neighbourhood as they were scared of returning home.

      In meeting with DIG South Abdul Khaliq Shaikh on Friday, the leaders of the communities said they “ready to live on the streets rather ...

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    5. Khairpur Hindu traders threaten to move business to India

      SUKKUR: Hindu traders in Khairpur have threatened to move their businesses to India if police did not stop their atrocities against them.

      According to reports, local Hindu traders had been observing shutter down for last four days in Nara, Peerano Pattan, Choundiko and Sikandarabd against what they call the atrocities of Station House Officer Mansoor Nizamani.


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    6. Hindus call for concrete laws to safeguard religious sites

      Karachi - Hindu leaders have demanded laws to protect the religious places of minorities as the recent demolition of a pre-partition temple in Soldier Bazar, much like the forced conversion issue of the recent past, has once again united the community and prompted thousands to come onto the streets a day after the incident.

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    7. Hindu community suffers double grief as funeral costs shoot up

      Even death comes at a steep price for the country’s Hindu community. The cost of a cremation is considerable and prices continue to rise: about Rs3,600 for nine tons of wood — a bare minimum needed for the rite; Rs1,500 for the space where the pyre is set up; at least Rs1,000 for a Pundit who will perform the funeral rites; Rs500 for the pigeons to be ...

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    8. ‘They can shoot me, but I will not let them in with shoes’

      When Laxman saw four men entering the Hindu temple with their shoes on, he instantly yelled at them to stop in their tracks. But the only reward he got for trying to protect the sanctity of his place of worship was a beating. With every punch and kick, he was called names like Bhangi (sweeper) and Kafir (infidel).

      “I can’t explain how I felt at that moment. I was ...

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    9. Hindus’ exodus

      This is with reference to a letter titled ‘Hindus’ exodus’ (Sept 6) by Sindh Minister for Exercise and Taxation Mukesh Kumar Chawla. I am at a loss why the worthy minister, despite being a representative of the Hindu community, has twisted facts and termed the excesses against Hindu community ‘baseless and part of a propaganda campaign’. Is he really unaware of what is happening to the Hindu community here? Scores ...

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    10. JSQM assures support to Hindus

      SUKKUR: The nationalist parties of Sindh are committed to protecting the rights of the Hindus in the province.This was stated at a rally taken out in Khairpur on Wednesday by the Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) to express solidarity with the Hindu community. The rally, which was led by acting chairman of JSQM, Dr. Niaz Kalani, terminated in Daharki. The rally urged the Hindus not to migrate to India.

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    11. Hindu community demand legislation against ‘forced marriages’

      SUKKUR: Members of the Hindu community have demanded legislation to stop forced marriages of Hindu girls, allocating job quotas and protection of their other rights.

      These demands were made during a meeting in Hyderabad on Monday between representatives of the Hindu community and Federal Minister Maula Bux Chandio, who is also the chairman of the committee formed by President Asif Ali Zardari to allay the grievances of the Hindu community.

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    12. Is there a mass exodus of Hindus from Sindh?

      Karachi - Several Hindu families from Jacobdabad are migrating to India due to the increasing cases of forced conversions, extortion and kidnapping for ransom faced by the community, said Dr Ramesh Kumar of the Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC).

      “Every week, at least 20-25 families are leaving Pakistan from interior Sindh for India, as our lives are not protected in this country any more,” said the patron-in-chief of the council, who claimed ...

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    13. Govt moves to win back disgruntled minorities

      Karachi - With the next general elections closing in, the ruling Pakistan People’s Party is coming up with ways to woo the disgruntled Hindu community of Sindh, one of which was Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah’s announcement on Sunday that President Asif Ali Zardari has issued directives for the evacuation of the Hindu Gymkhana so that it could again be used for the community’s activities.

      Hoping ...

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    14. Wall of Hindu temple to be raised

      PESHAWAR: Minister for Sports, Tourism, Archaeology and Youth Affairs Syed Aqil Shah said on Monday that the height of the walls of the Hindu temple inside Gor Gathri monument would be raised while another Rs3 million would be earmarked for paving the floor and other renovations.

      After visiting the temple on the directives of chief minister, the minister said some miscreants had tried to create harassment, which was condemnable. Director ...

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    15. Family of Asha pins hope on Supreme Court

      Vinod Kumar, an elder brother of Asha Kumari, told The News by telephone from Islamabad on Sunday that a simple case of kidnapping of her sister had been given a religious colour to make it a complicated case.

      “My sixteen-year-old sister was kidnapped. She remained missing for 40 days and now we learn that she has married a man she had never seen in her life before,” he said.

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    16. Hindu community warns of mass migration if forced conversions continue

      The Hindu community has warned of mass migration from the country if immediate steps are not taken to stop forced conversions.

      If steps were not taken, “a mass migration of Hindus [from Pakistan] is inevitable,” said a resolution adopted by a conference organised by the Pakistan Hindu Council at a hotel here on Sunday on the issue.

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    17. Hindus to celebrate Shivaratri on 20th

      Hindus to celebrate Shivaratri on 20th

      LAHORE: The Hindu community will celebrate its religious festival Shivaratri on February 20.

      According to the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) sources here on Thursday, the Shivaratri festival would be celebrated at Karishna Mandar (temple) here and ETPB shrines department had finalised arrangements, including security, under the directions of ETPB chairman Syed Asif Hashmi.

      It is pertinent to inform that Shivaratri means night of Shiva and this festival is celebrated ...

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    18. Body of young Hindu man found

      RAWALPINDI: The Wah Cantonment Police found the dead body of a young man with multiple marks of torture on different parts of his body, police said. Police, quoting preliminary medical report, said the young man was tortured to death and his dead body was thrown in the jurisdiction of Saddar of Wah Cantonment near a private hostel for students. The 30-year-old victim was identified as Badar Lal, belonging to a ...

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    19. Another Hindu girl forced to convert

      Karachi- Another Hindu girl has been abducted, converted and forcibly married off in the Lyari area of the city, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) reported on Thursday. What makes this incident sound more appalling is the alleged involvement of a police constable in the forced conversion of the 15-year-old girl, who has been finally recovered after her father lodged an FIR at the Baghdadi police station.
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