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    1. Hindus, Sikhs Could Get Afghan Parliamentary Seat

      Afghan President Hamid Karzai issued a legislative decree Wednesday giving minority Hindus and Sikhs a reserved seat in the country's lower house of parliament for the next parliamentary elections in 2015.

      Karzai used his power to issue the decree while lawmakers were on vacation, and after they voted against a proposal giving Hindus and Sikhs parliamentary representation.


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    2. Maldives Museum Reopens Minus Smashed Hindu Images

      The Maldives' national museum is reopening without some of its most valuable exhibits a week after a mob of suspected religious extremists smashed images from the pre-Islamic era of this Indian Ocean archipelago.

      Museum Director Ali Waheed said Tuesday that about 35 exhibits — mostly images of Buddha and Hindu gods — were destroyed in the attack. Some of the artifacts dated back to the sixth century.

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    3. New York Fire Bomber Tells Cops He Had Grudges

      The fifth attack, targeting a Hindu temple, was actually the result of a wrong address, sources said. He meant to attack a drug dealer instead. Ray Lazier Lengend, 40, began his fiery revenge campaign Sunday night when he hit several locations around the borough of Queens after fillling Starbucks bottles with gasoline. The attacks were initially suspected to possibly be hate crimes.
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