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    1. Hindus Plead to CA Education Dept: #DontEraseIndia

      After a nationwide protest from Hindus in America, the California Education Department has decided to put a stop to reviews of its history textbooks where there were suggested changes like replacing ‘India’ with ‘South Asia’ in state text books among many other changes. This was after a public hearing on the matter, where several parents and students gave testimonies.

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    2. How Hindus Celebrate the New Year

      A look at how different Hindu groups celebrate the new year.

      Many people follow the Gregorian calendar and celebrate the New Year each January 1st. However, Hindus have a different method of welcoming the New Year. There are various Hindu traditions in different regions in India that dictate the type of festival that is celebrated to welcome the New Year. According to the Hindu calendar, the New Year is celebrated ...

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    3. A Look at the Hindu Maha Shivaratri Festival

      On March 7, 2016, Hindus around the world will celebrate the Maha Shivaratri Festival. It’s an occasion celebrated in honor of Shiva, part of the Hindu Trinity or top three deities together with Vishnu and Brahma. And aside from honoring the deity, the festivity also marks the divine marriage between Shiva and the Sakti (goddess) Parvati. In Hindu calendar, Shivaratri falls on the 14th night during new moon of ...

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    4. Recent Hindu Temple Attacks in Washington Leave U.S. Hindus Concerned

      The two most recent attacks seem to have come just after President Obama’s comments of intolerance at an inter-religious prayer meeting in February. However, they have occurred before that. For example, in August, the idol of Shiva was vandalized in black paint and between the months of July and October alone, Virginia had 17 incidents of anti-Hindu graffiti.

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