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    1. Who is God? Pluralism is the Answer

      In the upcoming episode of The Story of God, Morgan Freeman attempts to discover who God is – and how he/she or they have evolved over history,  Leading off with questions such as “What are all the ways that people connect to God?” And “Is god fundamentally different to different faiths?” – Freeman heads to my spiritual homeland, India, the cradle of not only Hinduism, but several other faiths as well ...

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    2. Baby Shower And/Or Seemantham: Bundle of Hope and Joy

      By Padma Kuppa - Hindu American Foundation, Board of Directors

      It is indeed special to celebrate the start of a new year, and the new beginnings associated with it, but it is even more special when the first few days of the year includes celebrating the arrival of a new baby. The Hindu life sacrament known in Sanskrit as Simantonnayana with the literal meaning “parting of the hair,” has evolved into ...

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    3. Hindu Studies: An Education in Religious Studies and Bias

      In the last year or so, a Hindu organization named the Dharma Civilization Foundation became involved in the process of providing funding to two University of California campuses for the purpose of promoting the study of the Hindu tradition. That religion-related money is being donated to an institution of higher education is nothing new, especially from the Abrahamic Religious Traditions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) but the protests in the current ...

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    4. On International Day of Yoga, a Trip Down Memory Lane: The HAF Take Back Yoga Project

      Namaste. International Yoga Day is today, and to celebrate, Suhag & Aseem Shukla, and Sheetal Shah, of the Hindu American Foundation embarked on a trip down memory lane.  Over four days, they have shared the story of HAF’s Take Back Yoga Project (TBY).  What started as a simple letter to the editor expressing frustration over the hyper-fixation on the physical aspects of yoga and a delinking of yoga from its ...

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    5. Rites of Passage: A Hindu American Experience

      Samskaras are the closest thing to a rite of passage or religious sacrament in a Hindu’s life, and celebrating these traditions can help to connect Hindu American children to their religious heritage. While it may not be possible to celebrate or even relevant to conduct all of these, there are 16, which help an individual throughout his or her life, encouraging positive behavior and removing or reducing the difficulties ...

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    6. The Good of Hinduism: A Solid Foundation of Pluralism

      The Good of Hinduism: A Solid Foundation of Pluralism

      In trying to understand or discuss the “good of Hinduism” – how faith has, in big and small ways, theoretical and very concrete, served humanity and the world for good– one can simply state the obvious. A Hindu can do good by serving others, as indicated in the oft repeated “Manav seva, Madhav seva.”  While the loose translation – Service to humanity is service to God  - doesn’t capture the selfless nature ...

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    7. Freedom to Choose: Conversion to Hinduism

      Freedom to Choose: Conversion to Hinduism

      At a recent HAF Awareness Event, a group of people came to learn about the work of the Foundation, and I was asked a seemingly simple question, with an underlying challenge to prove my point: Do you think that conversion to Hinduism is allowed? Since I usually am vocal about the challenges caused by conversion away from Hinduism, answering the question was an ideal way to explain the difference between ...

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    8. Why International Yoga Day is So Important

      Suhag Shukla, the Hindu American Foundation’s executive director, said: “In addition to gaining appreciation for one of India’s greatest contributions to the civilization, our hope is that this will introduce people around the world to its transformational power, its insistence on spiritual experience over dogma, its ability to make one realise the divine nature of man, and its power for bringing about both inner and outer peace.”

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    9. Farce or Dialogue: Who should be discussing Proselytism & Pluralism?

      Headlines today feed the continued stereotype that Hindu activism is to be feared, even when it is meant to end the violence and human rights abuses that occur as a result of coercive conversion.   Centuries of missionary efforts have converted entire populations to Christianity, leaving indigenous groups such as the Native Americans in North America, Babaylans in the Philippines, and Tainos in the Caribbean, decimated. And more recently, evangelicals are ...

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    10. Hindu Activism in America: Moving beyond bias, with India’s election of the BJP and PM Modi - by Padma Kuppa, HAF Board Member

      Hindu Activism in America: Moving beyond bias, with India’s election of the BJP and PM Modi - by Padma Kuppa, HAF Board Member

      Editors’ Note: This article is part of the Public Square 2014 Summer Series: Conversations on Religious Trends. Read other perspectives from the Hindu community here.

      For the last decade, I have been focused on developing interreligious understanding, after being excluded from the city-sponsored National Day of Prayer event in my family’s hometown of Troy, MI – all because the organizers didn’t want Hindus and others who didn’t exclusively ...

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    11. Preserving Human Rights Through Article 26 of the UN Declaration

      Preserving Human Rights Through Article 26 of the UN Declaration

      According to the Hindu American Foundation (HAF)’s 10th  annual  human rights report, Hindus in South Asia & the Diaspora: A Survey of Human Rights, 2013, Pakistan is one of those countries that has failed to uphold Article 26 and is instead known as an egregious violator for engaging in or allowing rampant and systematic human rights violations to take place against non-Muslim populations. In Pakistan, women lack formal education for ...

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    12. Working for Human Rights, against Human Trafficking: Locally and Globally, by Padma Kuppa - HAF Board member

      As a Board member of the Hindu American Foundation, I am now involved in advocating for the rights of Hindus around the world who suffer human rights abuses.  The Hindu American Foundation’s annual report on human rights abuses against Hindus was recently released and this year, focuses on the following regions where there are egregious or particular concerns:  Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bhutan, the Indian state of Jammu and ...

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    13. Five Years of Patheos and the Best of my Blog: A Hindu Path to Peace and Pluralism

      As Patheos celebrates its 5th anniversary, I went down memory lane to pick a few to highlight. I started with my first piece for the site written in early 2010, and probably my briefest ever, about God in 100 words, followed by one in June where I was invited to write on the future of Hinduism. I was placed alongside my friend Suhag Shukla, Executive Director of the Hindu American ...

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    14. Freedom Of Faith Act – Something for All Faiths

      The Non-Minister category is essential to ensure that Hindu temples and religious centers are operational, but there has been a caveat: a “sunset” provision which means that the category will expire in 2015. A bill passed by the U.S. Senate, S. 744, already removes this “sunset” provision, allowing religious centers to make better staffing and management decisions, by removing uncertainties and bureaucratic inefficiencies. As recently reported on TheHill.com ...

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    15. Faith, Hope and Love: Rev. Dana Trent and her Hindu Husband, Advocates for Pluralism

      Earlier this year, a friend who is the President of the Interfaith Dialogue Association in Western MI and host of the radio show Common Threads, spoke with Dana Trentand her husband, Fred Eaker about their interfaith marriage – and I was intrigued. Dana is the author of the book, Saffron Cross: The Unlikely Story of How a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk, a book that I was fortunate to ...

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    16. Culture Wars Around the World: Evangelism’s Impact in Uganda on LGBT Rights

      Be it in America, India or elsewhere, my colleagues at the Hindu American Foundation and I don’t hesitate to speak out about human rights violations caused when there is an abuse of power. Below, Harsh Voruganti, Associate Director of Public Policy, gives voice to our concern about the anti-gay laws passed recently in Uganda and the impact of such laws on the LGBT community everywhere. Prior to joining HAF ...

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    17. Books, Lies and Videotape: Wendy Doniger’s Misrepresentations about Hindu History

      I am a big fan of public funding for various things – public education, public television, and public radio. And I am usually impressed with the way National Public Radio ((NPR) presents news, providing a multifaceted and balanced perspective on the news – the underlying dharma or justice of presenting more than one perspective is very much in line with the pluralism that is inherent in the way that I live my ...

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    18. Accepting an Inclusive Identity: On Being an Indian-American Hindu

      I am a product of two republics: born in India, raised in America, I typically celebrate my American national identity through holidays such as the Fourth of July because I am a naturalized US citizen. So I didn’t think to get involved when a celebration of India’s Republic Day here in Michigan included Miss America - even though I share her cultural and linguistic identity as a Telugu-speaking Indian-American ...

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    19. Celebrating the Legacy of MLK Jr. with Empathy, to Ensure Equality

      Equality is what is taught in all our traditions – we must move beyond the divisions created by caste and race. 

      Hinduism, or Sanatana Dharma, is a rich and dynamic collection of hundreds of spiritual and philosophical traditions that are based on certain essential, core tenets. Its transcendent insights into the existential questions of humanity — the meaning of life, why we are here, fate versus free will — have led to a ...

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    20. “Coalition Against Genocide” Seeks to Stifle Debate

      The latter part of 2013 was largely taken up by my trying to ensure that a Hindu voice was part of the American mix – be it in interfaith, public policy, whatever.  A guest post from my fellow-Hindu American Foundation member Raman Khanna, of HAF’s Executive Council, expresses clearly where we at the Foundation and others stand, defending our right to a seat at the table.  Let us hope that ...

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    21. Passing on the Hindu Faith

      Being active in the temple community, along with what we have done outside the house of worship, has provided my children the essence of what it means to be Hindu.

      I was recently at a Hindu American Foundation event where I was surrounded by people of many ages and backgrounds, and was excited to discover that someone else had grown up without a temple, just like me! Growing up Hindu ...

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