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    1. Elderly Buddhist monk hacked to death in Bangladesh: police

      The murder adds to a grim toll in past weeks, with an atheist student, two gay rights activists, a liberal professor, a Hindu tailor and a Sufi Muslim leader hacked to death.

      An elderly Buddhist monk was found hacked to death on Saturday in Bangladesh, police said, the latest in a spate of murders of religious minorities and secular activists in the country.


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    2. Battle for Bangladesh’s soul

      Battle for Bangladesh’s soul

      ....the country’s success in its fight against extremism should matter to the entire world “Offending religious sentiments shows a perverted mindset,” the Bangladeshi Premier, Sheikh Hasina, recently said at a celebration of the Bengali New Year on April 14. She was careful to add, however, that anyone “killing another person in response to what they have written is not Islamic”.

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    3. ‘Bomb on Easter a test of Sharif’s clout’

      Author says the attack marks a clear rejection by terrorists of PM Sharif’s outreach to minorities

      The Easter attack in Lahore that killed more than 70 people, including many women and children, was aimed at clearing out minorities, and is a test of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s recent outreach to the country’s Christians and Hindus, says Pakistani author and former member of Parliament Farahanaz Ispahani.

      “By attacking ...

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    4. Ahead of polls, citizenship plan for migrants hits hurdle

      The NDA government may have allowed Hindus and other religious minorities from Bangladesh to stay in India, but its plan to grant them Indian citizenship has hit a hurdle.

      Various agencies, the State governments, Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Central government have failed to reach a consensus on the number of people who could be granted citizenship.


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    5. Swastika display causes a row

      When a “Jewish student” placed a souvenir Hindu swastika obtained on a trip to India on his residence hall’s bulletin board on March 16, it led to a suspension order for that student, and charges including breaking the law, disorderly conduct, and discrimination, with a possible suggestion of a law enforcement investigation into “hate crimes.”

      Yet this week that suspension order was revoked and the student in question was ...

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    6. Modi turns emotional as he visits Belurmath

      Modi calls himself ‘ghar ka ladka’ (boy of the house).

      For Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the first visit to Belurmath — the headquarters of Ramakrishna Mission — after assuming the high office, was an intensely personal and spiritual experience.

      Mr. Modi spent more than an hour, walking barefoot across Belurmath on Sunday and praying in different temples of the mission headquarters.

      Swami Subhakarnananda Maharaj, a monk who took Mr. Modi around at ...

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    7. Govt. set to grant citizenship to Hindus from Bangladesh

      Home Minister to submit a policy document to the Supreme Court soon.

      The BJP-led NDA government is set to move forward on the question of granting citizenship to Hindu immigrants from Bangladesh and is expected to submit a policy document to the Supreme Court soon.

      The document, being formulated by the Home Ministry, will decide the fate of thousands of Bangladeshi Hindus living in 18 States

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    8. India's multiculturalism counters IS radicalisation

      India's multiculturalism counters IS radicalisation

      Former U.S. Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security David Heyman feels India and U.S. must cooperate more closely on new-age threats.

      Indian youths have escaped “being victims of Islamic State recruitment” because it is a multicultural democracy, says renowned terror expert and former U.S. Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security David Heyman.


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    9. Diwali not on holiday list, Hindus disappointed

      [M]embers of the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) expressed “deep disappointment” with the non-designation of Diwali as a public holiday. “While the addition of two Muslim holidays is commendable, the Mayor’s decision to exclude Diwali, a festival that is celebrated by thousands of Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs in NYC is beyond disappointing,” said HAF Senior Director Sheetal Shah.


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    10. US inter-faith leaders to seek hate crime probe into Hindu temple vandalism

      US inter-faith leaders to seek hate crime probe into Hindu temple vandalism

      Leaders from the Hindu, Christian and Muslim communities said that the incidents appear to fit a pattern of increased hate-motivated crimes nationwide.

      Several inter-faith leaders in the U.S. have decided to seek hate crime probe into the incident of vandalism at a Hindu temple in Washington State, saying law enforcement authorities should send out a strong message that those responsible will be held accountable.


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    11. When they had nowhere to go

      When they had nowhere to go

      A study of Sindhi Hindus during partition, when they were denied space in both their place of origin and refuge.

      Ashis Nandy in his foreword to this book [The Making of Exile: Sindhi Exodus and the Partition of India] says, “ … Bhavnani attempts to bring to us the cultural self-definition of the Sindhi Hindus as a community, the continuities and the discontinuities in it, and the way that self-definition sets limit ...

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    12. Nod for prayers at U.S. legislative meetings

      Nod for prayers at U.S. legislative meetings

      The U.S. Supreme Court this week permitted government officials across the nation to begin legislative meetings with a prayer, after the town of Greece, New York, defended itself on conducting Christian invocations before official monthly meetings.

      In a 5-4 ruling, the court said sectarian invocations do not automatically violate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion ...

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    13. Bengali Hindus in Muslim-majority Bangladesh

      Bengali Hindus in Muslim-majority Bangladesh

      Still one cannot but hope that the People’s Republic of Bangladesh would live up to some of its original ideals. Minorities have fled the nation-state for want of security in large numbers, year after year. There is significant presence of minorities in the bureaucracy and local administration. Even during the recent spate of violence, the state has transferred police officials for failing to provide security. This reality exists too ...

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    14. BJP concerned over violence against Hindus in Bangladesh

      BJP concerned over violence against Hindus in Bangladesh

      The BJP on Wednesday expressed concern over the reports of violence against Hindus in the neighbouring Bangladesh.

      Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley in a statement issued in New Delhi said, “The post-election violence has started attacking the minority Hindu community. Houses have been burnt and individuals are being attacked. The already insecure Hindu minority is being threatened further. Media reports suggest that most of these attacks have ...

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    15. Forced conversion of Hindu girls on the rise: Pak Hindu Council

      Forced conversion of Hindu girls on the rise: Pak Hindu Council

      The head of the Pakistan Hindu Council Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, Member National Assembly has condemned the rise in kidnapping of Hindu girls, forced conversion and marriage.

      Talking to the media outside Parliament House on Tuesday he referred to the recent kidnapping of a Hindu woman, Lucky Bhel from Sindh who was reportedly forced to marry a follower of a local religious leader.

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    16. Fakruddin confessed to involvement in murder of Hindu outfit leaders: police

      Fakruddin confessed to involvement in murder of Hindu outfit leaders: police

      The Crime Branch-CID has told the court of Judicial Magistrate (JM)-3, Vellore, that Fakruddin alias ‘Police’ Fakruddin has confessed that he and his two associates Bilal Malik and Panna Ismail were involved in five murders, including those of four leaders of Hindu outfits, in different parts of the State in the last two years.

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    17. An unusual spokesman

      An unusual spokesman

      MEET Director of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies Shaunaka Rishi Das who feels that Hinduism has been distorted in its homeland

      In an interview, Shaunaka elaborated on OCHS’ aims: “Hinduism’s tenets, shorn of all forms of politicisation, are subjected to unbiased academic discipline. And when this endorsement comes from renowned intellectuals and thinkers, ranging from a Jesuit priest to a Muslim Director of OCHS, it is hoped that ...

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