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    1. Hindu girl abducted in Pakistan, police inaction alleged

      Pakistan's ruling party PML(N)'s prominent minority Hindu community Member of National Assembly (MNA) Ramesh Kumar Vankwani has alleged police inaction in the abduction of a 14-year-old Hindu girl in the Sindh province.

      While talking to TOI over phone from Karachi, Vankwani, who is also founder of Pakistan Hindu Council, informed that on April 10th , a 14 years old Hindu girl Leela Bai was abducted from Sanghar district ...

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    2. Hindu American Foundation hails Srinivasan, Obama's potential pick for Supreme Court

      How important (a landmark) is it that the US could have a Supreme Court justice of Hindu faith?

      It's yet another moment in Hindu American history. The past few years have brought about many firsts - the first Hindu American congressman, the first Hindu American Surgeon General, the first Hindu American acting Solicitor General - Judge Srinivasan's nomination would signal another indication of not only our community's success, but ...

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    3. Call of The Gita

      "Seeing officials swearing on religious books other than the Bible, like the Gita or the Quran, is a fruit of America's promise of pluralism and religious freedom, and the realization of a government that is more reflective this country's diversity. It's also an opportunity for the individual taking the oath, to solemnize it with something that gives their life meaning and, hopefully, clarity of vision."

      -Suhag A ...

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    4. Pakistan Hindus slam airbase attack

      AMRITSAR: Hailing the attempt to initiate peace dialogue undertaken by Indian and Pakistan prime ministers, Hindu leaders from across the border condemned the terrorist attack on Pathankot Air Force station, saying the strike was carried out by forces inimical to peace.

      Talking to TOI over the phone from Karachi on Friday, member of Pakistan National Assembly Ramesh Kumar Vankwani said people of both the countries want peace in the region ...

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    5. It’s a sad ghar wapsi for Pakistani Hindus

      AHMEDABAD: Even as Pakistani-origin singer Adnan Sami was granted Indian citizenship, many disillusioned families are going back to the neighbouring country after spending many years in Gujarat.

      In the past one year, at least 100 families — most of them Sindhis and Kutchi Gujaratis — have returned to Pakistan after spending many years in Gujarat waiting for the elusive Indian citizenship. Many more are packing their bags saying their 'Ghar Wapsi' to ...

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    6. I got 'Champions of Change' honour for mobilizing Hindus to protect environment: Sunita Viswanath

      The White House has chosen an Indian-American woman Sunita Viswanath to be honoured as "Champions of Change" for her efforts to protect environment and communities from the effects of climate change. She is among 12 faith leaders selected for the honour. Sunita Viswanath tells Rohit E David why she got this recognition and how she has encouraged Hindus to take care of the environment. 

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    7. GWU cancels suspension of student who displayed Hindu swastika

      WASHINGTON: Following outcry from several groups, a prestigious American university has decided to rescind its suspension order against a student who displayed a Hindu swastika on his residence hall's bulletin board. 

      The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) welcomed the move to rescind the interim suspension order by the George Washington University (GWU). 

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    8. Hindus and Indians put Cameron back into 10 Downing Street

      LONDON: Up to a million ethnic minority votes helped put David Cameron back into Downing Street.

      In what was a historic swing never seen before in a British parliamentary election, the country's ethnic minority communities including the enormous Indian population played the king maker that saw Cameron become PM for the second time with a clear majority, embarrassing every known election pundit, all of whom had predicted a hung ...

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    9. Pak Hindus condemn attack on Ismailis

      AMRITSAR: Hindu minority population in Karachi has come forward in support of Ismailis, a sub-sect of Shia Muslims, after 45 of them were gunned down in sectarian violence in restive financial capital of Pakistan on Thursday.

      "We organized special prayers on the killings of Ismailis and also held a candle vigil on Saturday night," informed, Sanjesh Dhanja, president PHSWT while talking to TOI over phone from Karachi on Sunday.

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    10. Book that says Ram's Ayodhya is in Pakistan

      Ayodhya, the birthplace of Hindu warrior-god Ram, is in Pakistan, claims a book by a top Muslim leader. 

      Ayodhya in Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh is not the original city by the same name as it was inhabited by human beings only in 7th century BC while Rama is believed to have been born 18 million years ago, says "Facts of Ayodhya Episode" authored by Abdul Rahim Quraishi, assistant general ...

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    11. Pakistani Hindus can apply for long-term Indian visa online

      Pakistani Hindus can apply for long-term Indian visa online

      NEW DELHI: In yet another relief to Pakistani citizens belonging to the minority community, the government of India has enabled them to apply online for their long-term visa (LTV) and track the status of their application. The online system, which will also cover processing of the LTV visa application by various agencies, replaces the manual system of accepting such applications.

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    12. Law to rehabilitate Hindu refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh?

      NEW DELHI: The government is likely to soon enact a law for rehabilitation of Hindu refugees from Pakistan and Bangladesh. At a meeting held at home minister Rajnath Singh's residence, the issue was discussed along with the recent Maoist attack in Chhattisgarh and how to get past the roadblocks in the way of the land acquisition bill. 

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    13. With assimilation, Hindus, Jains worship each others’ deities

      KERI: In Goa and Konkan regions the assimilation between Jainism and Hinduism over centuries has led to Jains and Hindus worshipping each others deities.

      The thirteenth day of the first fortnight of the first month in the Hindu calendar Chaitra, is celebrated every year as the birth anniversary of Lord Vardhaman Mahavir, one of the last Tirthankars (one who shows the path of truth in Jainism).

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    14. Hindu migrants from Pakistan meet Rajnath at Jodhpur airport

      Hindu migrants from Pakistan are disappointed at the sluggish response to their demand. Around 600 Hindu migrants from Pakistan met [Home Minister Rajnath] Singh at the Jodhpur airport on Wednesday seeking relief at the earliest. Seemant Lok Sangthan president, Hindu Singh, Sodha and Jodhpur MP Gajendra Singh Shekhawat led the delegates and briefed Singh about how the migrants from Pakistan were subjected to ill-treatment and were made to fend for ...

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    15. 135 Afghan Sikhs, Hindus got Indian passports illegally

      135 Afghan Sikhs, Hindus got Indian passports illegally

      NAWANSHAHR (PUNJAB): Seven Hindu and Sikh Afghan refugees staying in India on long-term visas for nearly 20 years have been arrested by the Punjab police over the past two months for procuring Indian passports on fake credentials. They were arrested from different airports in the country just before they were to catch flights to various European destinations.

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    16. Hindu temples documented in a Pakistani book

      Hindu temples documented in a Pakistani book

      Pakistani author Reema Abbasi will launch here July 23 her new book "Historic Temples in Pakistan - A Call to Conscience" documenting Hindu shrines, and pilgrimage sites in Pakistan through 400 photographs. 

      The book highlights unreported aspects of harmony, and will act as a window for the people of India, feels Abbasi who will launch the book at India International Centre. 

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    17. Pak Hindus refuse to return, cite harassment

      Singh along with 40 other Pakistani Hindus, including 17 members of his family, landed in India on a religious visa to tour Delhi and Haridwar two months ago. They family came to Gangangar which has a sizeable number of families belonging to their clan 'Auth'. Now, they are unwilling to return even though his visa expires on July 12.

      Police and intelligence officials have asked the 'Pakistani guests' in Ganganagar ...

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    18. Be prepared to deal with terror, Hindus urged

      PONDA: Predicting that terrorists from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. would target Bharat (India), Paras Rajput of Hindu helpline in Mumbai has appealed to Indians to be prepared to fight terrorism.

      Rajput also said that in such a situation Hindus would be more vulnerable as chances of getting government protection were bleak, adding that Hindu organizations must remain ready to deal with the situation. Rajput was addressing representatives of Hindu ...

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    19. Close on heels of BJP win in India, Hindu-American activists pitch for select US candidates

      Close on heels of BJP win in India, Hindu-American activists pitch for select US candidates

      Leading the list of candidates winning support from the Hindu American Political Action Committee (HAPAC) is Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii, an self-declared American Hindu, who, HAPAC said, "has consistently stood by the Hindu-American community on every major domestic and international issue."


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