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    1. In Pakistan, comedy means calling Hindus 'dogs'

      New Delhi: While the sorry plight of minority Hindus is Pakistan is well known, a 'comedy show' aired on a TV channel in the predominately Muslim country has taken the issue to a new low.

      The show 'Sawa Teen' aired on Neo TV on April 8 had a comedian Sajan Abbas, who was acting as a dealer of conscience, use the words ‘Hindu k**ta’.

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    2. 'Minority Muslims can do riots, rape in India, but Hindus in Bangladesh can't even think of doing it'

      New Delhi: Known for taking bold stance against bigotry, noted Bangladeshi authorTaslima Nasreen on Sunday stirred up a hornet's nest when she said that minority Muslimscan commit heinous crimes in India which is hard to even imagine for minority Hindus in Bangladesh.

      Through her Twitter handle, Taslima tweeted, “Minority Muslims can do riot, commit violence, rape, even kill a Hindu in India. Minority Hindus can't even ...

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    3. Islam may be dropped as official religion of Bangladesh following attacks on Hindus

      New Delhi: Bangladesh is likely to drop Islam as its official religion following a series of attacks on people from other faiths in the country. The country's Supreme Court is hearing a plea challenging the status of the official religion of the country to Islam.  

      Bangladesh, which was declared a secular country after its formation in 1971, was declared an Islamic country following a constitutional amendment in 1988. 

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    4. Scores of Hindu pilgrims from India reach Pakistan to celebrate 'Shivaratri'

      Islamabad: Scores of Hindu pilgrims from India arrived in Pakistan through the Wagah Border to celebrate 'Shivaratri', the festival of Lord Shiva, with their near and dear ones. 

      According to a Pakistani news portal, more than 120 Hindu pilgrims arrived in Pakistan through the Wagah Border on Saturday alone.

      Evacuee Trust Property Board chairman (ETPB) Siddiqul Farooq, secretary Khalid Ali, Hindu leader Manohar Chand, Sikh leader Sardar Sham Singh and ...

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    5. In absence of marriage law, Pakistani Hindus have no option but to embrace Islam

      Islamabad: There is no marriage law for the millions of Hindus living in Pakistan, a leading daily said on Friday, noting that this "legal vacuum naturally creates a multitude of issues for Pakistani Hindus, especially the women". 

      An editorial "Hindu marriage bill" in Dawn on Friday said that while many politicians are quick to issue public statements about the rights of minorities in Pakistan, when it comes to taking practical ...

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    6. Hafiz Saeed visited LeT camps, motivated recruits to kill Hindus: Pakistani terrorist Naved

      Delhi: Mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai attacks, Hafiz Saeed is believed to have visited LeT camps and motivated recruits to kill Hindus, as per media reports on Thursday. 

      As per reports, captured Pakistani terrorist Mohammad Naved Yakub Naved revealed to the NIA that Saeed also gave motivational speeches to fight jihad against India.

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    7. 'Kashmiri Pandits should support Hindu trusts for managing shrines'

      Srinagar: Questioning the proprietary claim of Kashmiri Pandits over temples in Kashmir, a trust headed by senior Congress leader Karan Singh on Wednesday asked the community to abandon the "negative and hostile attitude" and support the various Hindu trusts functioning in the Valley.

      "It is most unfortunate that a section of the Kashmiri Pandit community has once again raised the bogey of Hindu shrines in the Valley...The shrines located ...

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    8. Separatists don't want Kashmiri Pandits to return: J&K Deputy Chief

      Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir's Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh on Monday said thatseparatists in the Valley were making provocative statements to keep Kashmiri Pandits away from the region.

      "The separatists do not want Kashmiri Pandits to return to Valley and settle there," Singh told reporters when asked to comment on the statements of separatists in Kashmir over the issue of setting up "composite township" in the state.

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    9. Nearly 5,000 Hindus from Pakistan migrating annually to India

      Islamabad: Around 5,000 Hindus migrate from Pakistan to India every year, a Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC) official said. 

      Six incidents of religious desecration were reported within the last two months in the Sindh province. Most of the incidents involved burning of the Holy Quran and the Hindu community being accused for it, Dawn cited Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, founder of PHC, as saying Monday in the Pakistan National Assembly. 

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    10. Pakistani Hindus angered by 'forced conversions'

      Karachi: Pakistan's Hindu minority is angered by "forced conversions", with leaders of the community saying girls as young as six years were being pressured to change their religion. 

      "Can you accept your daughters being forcibly married to Hindu men?" said Raj Kumar, whose niece Rinkle Kumari was allegedly forced to convert and marry a Muslim man in 2012. Rinkle's case made headlines and was even taken up by ...

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    11. Bangladesh HC asks govt to give adequate protection to Hindus

      Dhaka: Bangladesh's High Court on Wednesday ordered the government to provide adequate protection to Hindus after widespread attacks on the minority community during and after the January 5 general election. 

      The court also sought a report from authorities about the damage caused by the attacks against the community. 

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    12. B'desh Hindu leaders demand more protection for minorities

      B'desh Hindu leaders demand more protection for minorities Dhaka: Human rights groups and Hindu leaders in Bangladesh today demanded more security for religious minorities amid reports that members of the community were attacked in several parts of the country during elections. 

      Activists of main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its key-ally fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami attacked Hindu households in western Jessore and northwestern Dinajpur, local media reports said. 

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    13. Hindus protest demolition of temple in Karachi

      Karachi: A large number of Pakistani Hindus on Monday joined a protest outside the Press Club here over the demolition of an 80-year-old temple in the city's Soldier Bazar area. 

      The Krishna or Rama Peer Mandir at Dholi Khata in Soldier Bazar has become a bone of contention between the minority Hindu community and a powerful builder, who bought the land on which the temple was built from the ...

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    14. BJP dares Cong to include non-Hindu superstitions in Bill

      Bangalore: Opposing proposed legislation on anti-superstition and black magic in Karnataka, BJP on Thursday challenged the Congress Government to include superstitions practised by non-Hindu communities in the proposed legislation before it was tabled in assembly. 

      "There are so many superstitions practised by non-Hindu communities also in Karnataka. Let the Siddaramaiah Government include these practices in the proposed bill before tabling it in both Houses of the legislature," State BJP President ...

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    15. 'Richard Nixon kept quiet on Hindu genocide by Pakistan Army'

      Washington: Ahead of Bangladesh's liberation in 1971, the Pakistani Army "systematically committed genocide" of the Hindu community in the then East Pakistan and the Nixon Administration kept a blind eye to it, a new book says. 

      While the Indian Government was aware of it, it tried to play it down and instead referred to it as genocide against the Bengali community in Bangladesh so as to avoid an outcry ...

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    16. Hindu groups in US protest religious discrimination in Pakistan

      Hindu groups in US protest religious discrimination in Pakistan

      New York: A group of US-based Hindu organisations has held a demonstration near Pakistan's Consulate here to voice concern over the religious discrimination of minorities in the country. 

      "This is nothing but religious apartheid for the entire world to see. Almost all the Hindus and Sikhs have been religiously cleansed from Pakistan with the blessings of the government. At the time of Partition, Hindus and Sikhs were approximately 22-25 ...

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    17. California declares Oct as month for Hindu Awareness

      Washington: The California State Senate has passed a resolution to declare October as the Hindu Awareness and Appreciation Month this year to acknowledge the contribution made by Hindu Americans. 

      The Senate Majority Leader, Ellen Corbett who is widely recognized for her support of the Hindu American community has worked closely with the Washington-based Hindu American Foundation (HAF) in drafting the language of the resolution.

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