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    The Baloch (بلوچ; alternative transliterations Baluch, Balouch, Bloach, Balooch, Balush, Balosh, Baloosh, Baloush) are an Iranian people inhabiting the region of Balochistan in the southeast corner of the Iranian plateau in Southwest Asia and the northwestern Indian Subcontinent, including parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.

    The Baloch speak Balochi, which is considered a northwestern Iranian language and the Baloch are accordingly generally considered an Iranian people. They mainly inhabit mountainous terrains, which have allowed them to maintain a distinct cultural identity and resist domination by neighbouring rulers. The Baloch are predominantly Muslim, with most belonging to the Hanafi school of thought of Sunni Islam, but there are also a significant number belonging to Shia school of thought in Balochistan. Some 70 percent of the total Baloch population live in Pakistan. About 20 percent inhabit the coterminous region of southeastern Iran. Baloch population is estimated at about 8,800,000. "In Pakistan the Balochi people are divided into two groups, the Sulaimani and the Makrani, separated from each other by a compact block of Brahui tribes." The Makrani also form a group in Gujarat who came to Gujarat as freelancers and formed a group against the Arabs. (By Kumar Suresh Singh, Rajendra Behari Lal, Anthropological Survey of India, P. 828, Gujarat)

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    1. We have been living with Baloch tribesmen for several centuries, but now, a sense of insecurity is widespread among our Hindu community.
      In Hindus no more safe at home
    2. I am happy to find Baloch as caretaker of the graveyard as only a Muslim can work properly here in a country like Pakistan.
      In Pakistan Hindu Post (PHP): Muslim guards Hindus in stereotyped ...