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      Myanmars vibrant Hindu community relishes its freedom of faith, but economic and political exclusion leads some to return to their ancestral grounds. Signs of a vibrant Hindu community are everywhere in downtown Yangon; ornate temples peer out from between the tenements, and periodic festivals enliven the streets with rhythmic music, colourful costumes and offerings of sweet masala chai. With their roots in several waves of Indian migration during the British ...
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  2. About Myanmar

    Burma, officially the Union of Myanmar (Burmese: , pjìdàunzṵ mjəmà nàinŋàndɔ̀), is the largest country by geographical area in mainland Southeast Asia.

    The country achieved independence from the United Kingdom on 4 January 1948, as the "Union of Burma." It became the "Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma" on 4 January 1974, before reverting to the "Union of Burma" on 23 September 1988. On 18 June 1989, the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SPDC) adopted the name "Union of Myanmar". This controversial name change was not recognized by SPDC opposition groups and many English-speaking nations.

    The country is bordered by China on the north, Laos on the east, Thailand on the southeast, Bangladesh on the west, and India on the northwest, with the Bay of Bengal to the southwest. One-third of Burma's total perimeter, 1,930 kilometres (1,199 mi), forms an uninterrupted coastline.

    The country's diverse population has played a major role in defining its politics, history and demographics in modern times. Its political system remains under the tight control of the State Peace and Development Council, the military led government, since 1992, by Senior General Than Shwe. The military has dominated government since General Ne Win led a coup in 1962 that toppled the civilian government of U Nu. Part of the British Empire until 1948, Burma continues to struggle to mend its ethnic tensions. The country's culture, heavily influenced by neighbours, is based on Theravada Buddhism intertwined with local elements.

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    1. Assam is the most vulnerable to terror attacks from Bangladeshi soil. A large number of terrorist groups there help our local outfits. There are militant outfits in Myanmar and Nepal, but Bangladesh remains our biggest threat.
      Tarun Gogoi in India faces terror from another front