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  2. About Nepal

    Nepal (Nepali: नेपाल Nepal.ogg|[neˈpaːl]) is a landlocked nation in South Asia, bordering the People's Republic of China to the north and India to the south, east and west.

    On May 18, 2006, Nepal was declared a secular state by the Interim Parliament of Nepal. On December 28, 2007, the interim parliament passed a bill and declared Nepal to be a federal democratic republic. The current king, Gyanendra, will be the last king of Nepal if the present ruling parties win the scheduled April 2008 elections.

    For a relatively small country, Nepal has a diverse landscape, ranging from the humid Terai plain lands in the south to the mountainous Himalayas in the north. Eight of the world's ten highest mountains, including Mount Everest, are in Nepal.

    Nepal's flag is the only national flag that is not quadrilateral in shape.

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    1. The LeT is also using its operatives in Bangladesh and Nepal to try set up a
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    2. This provides the most incontrovertible evidence substantiating that many people in the camps in eastern Nepal are not from Bhutan.
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    3. In 2006, Nepal became secular. It means the government has no right to interfere in religious institutions. Can it dare open the treasuries in Buddhist monasteries, Muslim mosques and Christian churches?
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