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    Palaniappan Chidambaram (பழனியப்பன் சிதம்பரம்) is an Indian politician and present Finance minister in the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) coalition (federal) government led by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. He has held the portfolio since May 2004, when the UPA formed the government. He was also a cabinet minister with the same portfolio for a brief period in the United Front coalition government from 1996 to 1998. Prior to this, he was Minister of State (Deputy Minister) in the Rajiv Gandhi and Narasimha Rao led Congress-party governments, holding other portfolios.

    A Harvard University graduate, Chidambaram is regarded by financial gurus, investors, the financial press and people across India as a qualified and highly competent minister of finance, carrying forward the economic reforms started in 1991 by then Prime Minister P.V.Narasimha Rao.date=March 2008 Chidambaram, as finance minister under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Deputy Chairman of India's Planning Commission, Montek Singh Ahluwalia is a part of the Planning Commission of India.


    1. Not more than two of the seven arrested by Pakistan.
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    2. I expect this trend to continue in 2010, but I am also confident that state governments would be able to gradually reclaim control over areas that are now dominated by Naxalites.
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    3. There was a handler in 26/11 whom we have known for long, or suspected for a long time, could be an Indian.
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    4. Let me assure everyone, these are inputs which come to us regularly which we share with the states. There is no need for any alarm that something imminent is happening in Hyderabad.
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    5. The man there, the Commissioner of Police, is the best judge of the situation. If he wants to take any precautionary steps, of course he is welcome to do that.
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