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    1. Same sex couples deserve the same rights and respect granted to opposite sex couples, and we commend the Secretary General's efforts to treat all UN employees with equal dignity.
      In Hindus Push their Support for Equal Rights for Same-Sex UN Employees
    2. We applaud the Indian people for voting in record numbers in democratic elections that were widely regarded as free and fair.
      In ‘Golden Era for India’, Say Indian Americans on Modi Win
    3. We look forward to working with representatives of the new government to strengthen U.S.-India relations, promote human rights and pluralism, and address issues of concern to the Hindu diaspora.
      In ‘Golden Era for India’, Say Indian Americans on Modi Win
    4. The Pakistani government has failed miserably in protecting minorities from rampant violence, as Hindus, Christians, Shias and Ahmadi Muslims continue to be targeted with impunity.
      In Hindu Temple and Houses Burnt by Muslim Mobs in Pakistan During Hindu Festival of Colours
    5. This is the first time any resolution recognising Hindus has ever been passed in the entire country.
      In California declares October as month for Hindu awareness
    6. It is the beginning of the great movement for Hindu Americans in California
      In California declares October as month for Hindu awareness
    7. We hope Director Robert Mueller approves the APB recommendation quickly so that they may be implemented without further delay, Law-enforcement agencies will now be better able to track and assess trends in hate crimes against these communities and, most importantly, provide better protection.
      In FBI Board Approves Adding Sikhs, Hindus to Crime Reports
    8. This year's report represents an evolution of HAF's human rights work and a new focus on providing direct humanitarian assistance to Hindus displaced from their countries of origin.
      In HAF Shares Awareness of Voiceless Hindu Minorities Suffering Indignity and Injustice
    9. India's refusal to classify Pakistani Hindus as refugees, despite having endured systematic oppression and discrimination, is unconscionable.
      In US body concerned over India denying refugee status to Pak Hindus
    10. This judgment is not only a significant step in achieving justice for the victims of these brutal and inhumane crimes, but also a means to obtaining closure and reconciliation for the people of Bangladesh.
      In Hindu Americans Applaud Bangladesh War Crimes Verdict, Concerned by Growing Violence