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    1. Given the respect that we have for these deities, you wouldn't have women in swimsuits posing trying to pretend they are one of them.
      In EXCLUSIVE: Lord Ganesh swimwear strokes controversy
    2. A historical resolution such as this one, devoid of the necessary context when examining religious violence in India, only serve to provoke and inflame while serving absolutely no legislative end.
      In 'US resolution on India's religious freedom provocative'
    3. Many of the media headlines are missing the distinction that is being made in this case: yoga versus based-on-yoga.
      In Yoga Ruling Affirms Project
    4. It is absolutely senseless to target one of the most notable events of sportsmanship in the United States.
      In Indian Americans Join in Condemning Boston Bomb Blasts
    5. Holi celebrates triumph over divisiveness and negativity.
      In Pictures: India's Festival of Colors
    6. To the amazement of all, Prahlad survived while Holika was burnt to death.
      In Pictures: India's Festival of Colors
    7. Holi is meant to bring people together in joyful celebration.
      In Pictures: India's Festival of Colors
    8. What we're trying to say is that the holistic practice of yoga goes beyond just a couple of asanas on a mat. It is a lifestyle, and it's a philosophy.
      In To Some Hindus, Modern Yoga Has Lost Its Way
    9. We applaud the New York Police for their prompt and professional investigation of these attacks, and express gratitude to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and US Congressman Gregory Meeks for their statements of condemnation.
      In Hindu, Muslim groups condemn New York attacks | BayNews | The ...
    10. These heinous attacks on a Hindu temple and the home of a Hindu family are outrageous and completely unacceptable in our open and tolerant society.
      In Firebombs Targeting a Mandir and the Hindu Community in New York